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Will buying a cup of soup help fund art in Wichita?

A new grassroots crowdfunding event hopes to raise money for creative projects by using bowls of soup as its main draw.
A new grassroots crowdfunding event hopes to raise money for creative projects by using bowls of soup as its main draw. File photo

Can a bowl of soup help get your creative project funded?

That’s what Amanda Pfister hopes will happen at a Sunday event at Harvester Arts called “ICT Soup.”

At the crowdfunding event, people have three minutes to pitch an idea for a creative project – such as publishing a magazine or hosting an art show.

The $5 to $10 donation for admission to the event gets you a bowl of soup, snacks and a vote on which project you think should be funded.

The presenter who receives the most votes will receive all of the money gathered on Sunday.

“Everyone can pitch their idea in three minutes,” Pfister said. “We’re trying to keep it very informal, trying to make sure everyone feels comfortable.”

Pfister said she was inspired by a similar event in St. Louis called “Sloup.”

“There’s just not a lot of funding opportunities for artists and creative ideas (in Wichita), so I just thought there was a need for this, and it was something that could really be beneficial to Wichita,” she said. “I feel like this is a small way to maybe help provide something for creatives in Wichita.”

The Arts Council has partnered with ICT Soup to add $200 to the pot.

“Sloup” has been wildly successful in St. Louis – the event has given more than $30,000 to creative projects in the city since its founding in 2010.

If ICT Soup is successful, Pfister hopes to host one every quarter.

“I know other cities have done monthly, but I think that’s just really hard to sustain,” she said. “I really want it to be successful; I clearly want to get some good people presenting some great ideas.”

To register to present, e-mail Pfister at or Facebook message the ICT Soup page. You can also register Sunday.

As of Wednesday, only one person had registered to present – two others may, Pfister said – so there is ample room to register and try it out.

“Right now there’s like 25 to 30 who say they’re going to come (on Facebook), but 300 are interested,” Pfister said. “Even if 50 came, that’s close to $700. That’d be the dream for an artist to have $700 … to go do something awesome in Wichita.”

The answer to perhaps the most burning question of all: There will be two vegetarian soups, one vegan soup, one chicken-and-noodle soup and possibly more.

Matt Riedl: 316-268-6660, @RiedlMatt

ICT Soup

When: 5 to 7 p.m. Sunday

Where: Harvester Arts, 215 N. Washington

What: Grassroots crowdfunding of creative projects in Wichita using a soup dinner as a buy-in

Admission: $5 to $10 donation