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Picasso’s new restroom mirrors are high-tech.
Picasso’s new restroom mirrors are high-tech. The Wichita Eagle

Picasso’s new mirrors are surprising, high-tech

Piccasso’s Pizzeria has some high-tech new restroom mirrors that might catch users offguard. Owner Kurt Schmidt has partnered with Mad Ad Comapny to install some high-tech restroom mirrors that will mess with your mind. They appear to be electronic ad boards, but when you approach the sink to wash your hands – voila – they turn into mirrors. Schmidt said he found out about the mirrors, called mirror display advertisements, from his friend Justin McClure of Justin McClure Creative. McClure had seen the mirrors and advised Schmidt to check them out. Picasso’s is the first restaurant in Wichita to install them, Schmidt said. For now, they’re airing just Picasso’s ads, and a few Mad Ad Company ads, but Schmidt has the option of selling space to other advertisers.

Francois Djedjes, who co-owns the company that put the mirrors up, said he’s in talks with other Wichita businesses to install them, too. They’re ideal because they’re surprising, and they demand attention. “You’re washing your hands, so you have no cell phone and no interruptions,” he said. “There’s a value added to that.” The sensor in the device turns it into a mirror when the subject is three feet away. Don’t worry, though: Schmidt and McClure promise there’s no one watching on the other side.

Free Qdoba food in exchange for public kissing

This is Wichita’s first Valentine’s Day with Qdoba, so we’re not familiar with all the kissing. Those who visit the restaurant at 430 N. Rock Road on Feb. 14 and kiss someone – or something – can get one free entree with the purchase of an entree. The chain’s Facebook invite touting the annual event says people can get creative with their kissing. “Options include: your significant other, longtime crush, yourself, somebody famous, or heck, that person standing behind you in line (with their permission of course).”

Also, diners who put a kissy selfie on Instagram or Twitter by Monday and use the hashtag #QdobaForAKissSweeps will be registered to win up to $500 or Qdoba gift cards. For more information, visit www.qdoba.com/media.

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