QuikTrip selling full-sized pizzas in boxes that double as plates (+video)

QuikTrip is now in the full-sized pizza business.
QuikTrip is now in the full-sized pizza business. QuikTrip

Pizza Hut. Papa John’s. Domino’s. Little Caesars. QuikTrip.

Although QuikTrip, commonly known in these parts as the Disneyland of Convenience Stores, is known more for selling pizza by-the-slice, it’s now selling pizza by-the-pie. The chain, which has a heavy Wichita presence, now is selling full-sized, made-to-order pizzas featuring 12 large slices.

QuikTrip is hardly a pioneer of gas station pizza. Local Casey’s stores have long sold whole pies, and so do gas stations that carry Hunts Brothers pizzas (the Valero 1622 S. West St. and the Jump Start at 1535 E. Pawnee are among local Hunts Brothers vendors.) Many other convenience stores sell pizza by the slice.

But QuikTrip is Wichita’s most ubiquitous gas station, and now, its customers can choose from pepperoni, supreme or build-your-own pizzas. QT also is selling breakfast pizzas all day long. They feature 16 slices and sell for $14.99. A cheese pizza is $10.99. One-topping pizzas are $11.99, $1 for each additional topping. And supremes are $14.99.

The pizzas come in space-age perforated boxes that can be broken up into four pizza plates. The remaining parts of the box can be re-folded to store leftovers.

The pizzas are available in stores with QuikTrip Kitchens, which were introduced last year and serve made-to-order breakfast sandwiches, flatbreads, sandwiches and more.

Is a gas station pizza review in order here? Which one is your favorite?