Despite what Jimmy Kimmel says, Wichitans insanely excited about Royals

Screenshot from Tuesday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”
Screenshot from Tuesday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

To be fair, say all those involved, Wichita is definitely excited about the Kansas City Royals being in the World Series.

They were just more excited a few seconds before a local television reporter caught them on camera and recorded an unintentionally hilarious report that made it onto Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night.

It all started on Oct. 15 when Jeff Brake, Ron White and a few buddies were gathered at Larry Bud’s West, 6200 W. 21st St., to watch the Royals attempt to beat the Baltimore Orioles and earn a spot in the World Series.

The game ended with a Royals victory, and the gathered crowd went crazy. Brake, a longtime Royals fan, was particularly thrilled.

“We were cheering and giving high fives to people we didn’t even know,” he said.

The buddies recognized that a television reporter was there, reporting live from the bar, but they didn’t think much about it.

Until Wednesday.

Brake got an e-mail from a friend with the subject line “You’re famous” and with a link attached. It led him to a bit from Kimmel’s opening monologue from Tuesday’s show.

“Tonight, the Royals played host to the San Francisco Giants,” Kimmel said. “The Giants have been to the World Series three out of the last five years and have won twice, so their fans are used to this kind of thing. For the Royals, this is a huge deal. They haven’t been to the World Series since 1985, so their fan are extra fired up, and you can see it here.”

Kimmel introduced a clip, which he said came from the ABC affiliate in Wichita and was recorded after the Royals swept the Orioles to get into the series.

“Don’t just watch the passion here,” Kimmel deadpanned. “If you open yourself wide enough, you can feel it too.”

The report by KAKE’s Annette Lawless was from Larry Bud’s.

“Oh my gosh, Susan and Larry, it is insane,” Lawless said. “People are just excited, thrilled to see that KC is going to the World Series.”

The camera panned to the background, showing the buddies at the bar. The were calmly sipping their drinks. Barely moving. Not insane. Not excited.

The audience laughed, and then Kimmel was back.

“Wow, that is insane,” he deadpanned. “Paralyzing excitement.”

Lawless was at bowling league that night, and her phone blew up with texts from friends saying they’d just seen her on Kimmel.

“At first, I was really worried because when they put people on late night, it’s usually not really a good thing,” she said. “I was thinking, ‘What did I say?’”

She rushed home and watched the clip – and laughed.

That night, she and the cameraman weren’t even sure their report was going to be included on the newscast. The euphoria had died down 30 seconds before the anchors broke to her.

“That’s live TV for you,” she said with a laugh.

Brake and his buddies were back at Larry Bud’s on Wednesday night and likely will be again, they said, cheering on the Royals with the type of enthusiasm they demonstrated 30 seconds before the television cameras caught them.

Larry Bud’s plans to help with the enthusiasm, too, said owner Will Harmon. During this weekend’s games, the drink special is a royal blue concoction called the Hosmer Bomb.

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