Remembering a kindness done (or said)

When something happens three times, especially if it’s good, we take note. Or at least we should.

A trio of pleasant happenings came to me recently. A person I know, but rarely see, told me she remembered a time when we were at a luncheon and she didn’t like what she got for lunch, so I gave her half of my sandwich. I thought it was so nice of her to tell me I had done that. Lord knows, I didn’t remember it.

Another woman introduced herself to me and thanked me for something that happened many years ago. Her husband had a surprise birthday party. He called me and wondered whether I’d do a short video and wish her happy birthday. I did it, and she was telling me what a fun surprise it was. Very nice husband, and what a nice person she was. She took time to thank me for something that happened 25 years ago.

Then, last week, a man I know, but not well, told me something I said to him that still makes him laugh every time he goes to an assigned-seating dinner. Needless to say, my comment he remembered was on the smart alecky side, but if he still laughs, I’m glad I said it.

By now you’re thinking, what is your point here, Bonnie? Well, my point is: Take a minute and remind a person of something they did for you. It can be a kind deed you appreciated and still remember. You could also remind them of something they said that you reflect on, smile or even laugh about when you think of it.

Hearing about your nice deed, or telling someone about the kindness they did, is always a welcome break. And we deserve a break as we try to ride the wave of a political tsunami, face everyday struggles and continue to hope for the best for the next generation.

Let’s make it a point to let people know we haven’t forgotten their kindness, the joy they shared or the laugh we had with them.

One more thing: Tell them, don’t text them.

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