Varsity Volleyball

The Varsity Kansas volleyball rankings, scores, and standings (Sept. 13)


1. Rose Hill (13-0)

2. Goddard (15-1)

3. Maize (11-3)

4. Andover (13-3)

5. Newton (9-3)

6. Kingman (14-0)

7. Trinity Academy (11-0)

8. McPherson (10-2)

9. Hesston (13-1)

10. Maize South (8-4)


1. Goddard Lions (15-1)

Key wins: Andover, Newton, Maize South (2), Eisenhower (2), Derby, Andover Central.

Losses: Maize.

This week: Off.

2. Maize Eagles (11-3)

Key wins: Goddard, Andover, Eisenhower, Andover Central (2).

Losses: Rose Hill, Andover, Derby.

This week: Maize tournament on Saturday.

3. Andover Trojans (13-3)

Key wins: Maize, McPherson, Maize South, Eisenhower.

Losses: Rose Hill, Goddard, Maize.

This week: Off.

4. Newton Railers (9-3)

Key wins: McPherson, Maize South, Derby, Andover Central.

Losses: Goddard, De Soto, Gardner-Edgerton.

This week: Maize tournament on Saturday.

5. Eisenhower Tigers (6-6)

Key wins: Derby, Andover Central.

Losses: Goddard (2), Maize, Cheney, Andover, Maize South.

This week: at Maize South and North on Thursday; Maize tournament on Saturday.

6. Derby Panthers (6-6)

Key wins: Maize.

Losses: Goddard, Newton, McPherson, Maize South, Eisenhower, Andover Central.

This week: Maize tournament on Saturday.

7. Kapaun Mt. Carmel Crusaders (4-2)

Key wins: Bishop Carroll, Northwest.

Losses: St. James, Shawnee Heights.

This week: Maize tournament on Saturday.

8. Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles (7-2)

Key wins: Heights.

Losses: Rose Hill, Kapaun Mt. Carmel.

This week: Topeka Hayden tournament on Saturday.

9. Heights Falcons (9-2)

Key wins: Northwest.

Losses: Bishop Carroll, Andover Central.

This week: Off.

10. Northwest Grizzlies (6-4)

Key wins: Belle Plaine.

Losses: Goddard, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Andover Central, Heights.

This week: Off.


1. Rose Hill Rockets (13-0)

Key wins: Maize, Andover, Bishop Carroll, Andover Central, Circle.

Losses: None.

This week: at Cheney and Garden Plain on Thursday.

2. Kingman Eagles (14-0)

Key wins: Hesston, Cheney, Pratt, Garden Plain (2), Nickerson.

This week: vs. Belle Plaine, Chaparral and Holcomb on Thursday; at Chaparral tournament on Saturday.

3. Trinity Academy Knights (11-0)

Key wins: None.

Losses: None.

This week: Off.

4. McPherson Bullpups (10-2)

Key wins: Derby, Andale, Andover Central.

Losses: Andover, Newton.

This week: Off.

5. Hesston Swathers (13-1)

Key wins: Nickerson (2), Holcomb.

Losses: Kingman.

This week: Off.

6. Maize South Mavericks (8-4)

Key wins: Eisenhower, Derby, Andover Central.

Losses: Goddard (2), Andover, Newton.

This week: vs. North and Eisenhower on Thursday; at Maize tournament on Saturday.

7. Douglass Bulldogs (6-0)

Key wins: Pratt.

Losses: None.

This week: at Moundridge, Sedgwick and Goessel on Thursday.

8. Goessel Bluebirds (11-0)

Key wins: Sedgwick.

Losses: None.

This week: at Moundridge, Sedgwick and Douglass on Thursday.

9. Andover Central Jaguars (9-9)

Key wins: Derby, Heights, Northwest.

Losses: Rose Hill, Goddard, Maize (2), Newton, Maize South, Eisenhower, McPherson, Belle Plaine.

This week: Off.

10. Garden Plain Owls (6-3)

Key wins: Cheney.

Losses: Kingman (2), Sedgwick.

This week: at Cheney and Rose Hill on Thursday.

11. Cheney Cardinals (7-2)

Key wins: Eisenhower, Nickerson.

Losses: Kingman, Garden Plain.

This week: vs. Garden Plain and Rose Hill on Thursday.

12. Andale Indians (13-3)

Key wins: None.

Losses: Gardner-Edgerton, BV Southwest, McPherson.

This week: Off.

13. Nickerson Panthers (13-4)

Key wins: Central Plains, Pratt, Sacred Heart.

Losses: Kingman, Hesston (2), Cheney.

This week: Off.

14. Pratt Greenbacks (10-4)

Key wins: Pretty Prairie.

Losses: Kingman, Douglass, Nickerson, Hillsboro.

This week: at Hays, Garden City and Ulysses on Thursday; at Liberal tournament on Saturday.

15. Sedgwick Cardinals (11-3)

Key wins: Garden Plain, Cunningham.

Losses: Goessel, Inman, Moundridge.

This week: at Moundridge and Goessel on Thursday.



Carroll, East, Heights, Kapaun, North, Northwest, South, Southeast, West.


Campus, Derby, Hutchinson, Maize, Newton, Salina Central, Salina South.


Andover, Andover Central, Arkansas City, Eisenhower, Goddard, Maize South, Valley Center.


Augusta, Buhler, Circle, El Dorado, McPherson, Winfield.


Andale, Clearwater, Collegiate, Mulvane, Rose Hill, Wellington.


Belle Plaine, Chaparral, Cheney, Conway Springs, Douglass, Garden Plain, Independent, Medicine Lodge, Trinity Academy.


Goessel, Hesston, Kingman, Nickerson, Pratt, Sedgwick.



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