Varsity Volleyball

The Eagle’s All-Metro volleyball teams (2004-12)

The Eagle began selecting All-Metro teams in 2004-05. Schools in Sedgwick, Harvey and Butler counties are eligible to have players selected.


H — Audrey Grant, jr., Kapaun

H — Sydney Kuhn, jr., Kapaun

H — Bryna Vogel, jr., Clearwater

S/H—Emily Hiebert, sr., Newton

S/H—Jody Larson, sr., Maize South

S/H — Regan Peare, jr., Andover

L — Hannah Shelton, jr., Valley Center

Coach — Sue Coffman, Andover


H — Jody Larson, jr., Maize South

H — Crystal Whitten, sr., Heights

H — Ashlyn Driskill, sr., Valley Center

H — McKenzie Hartzog, sr., Maize

S — Emily Otte, sr., Valley Center

S — Emily Hiebert, jr., Newton

L — Keanu Bradley, jr., Rose Hill

Coach — Jamie Dibbens, Newton


H — Crystal Whitten, jr., Heights

H — Ashlyn Driskill, jr., Valley Center

H — Merissa Quick, sr., Cheney

H — Alaina Shine, sr., Northwest

S — Emily Otte, jr., Valley Center

S — Jody Larson, so., Maize South

L — Leann Patterson, sr., Garden Plain

Coach — Betsy Manning, Maize


H — Crystal Whitten, so., Heights

H — Sadie Clark, sr., Collegiate

H — Courtney Traxson, sr., Cheney

H — Kelsey Banwart, sr., Andover Central

S — Emmie Rech, sr., Carroll

S — Emily Otte, so., Valley Center

L — Kirsten Chamberlin, sr., Maize

Coach — Donnie Wallace, Collegiate


H — Joanna McFarland, Derby

H — Brianna Kaiser, Valley Center

H — Ashlea Bengtson, Heights

H — Sadie Clark, jr., W. Collegiate

L — Kaitlyn Stearns, Clearwater

S — Kayla Zoglman, Goddard

S — Sabra Clark, Andover

Coach: Gina Clark, Garden Plain


H — Melanie Delimont, Andover

H — Meryl Loop, Circle

H — Joanna McFarland, Derby

H — Camri Zwiesler, Newton

DS/L — Kayla Rosenboom, Bishop Carroll

S — Lindsey Larson, Maize

S — Abee Widler, Clearwater

Coach — David Gardner, Goddard


H — Abby Gruenbacher, Bishop Carroll

H — Jenna Kaiser, Kapaun

H — Kit Spears, Valley Center

H — Camri Zwiesler, Newton

S — Meryl Loop, Circle

S — Sarah Waldorf, Augusta

DS/L — Melissa Manda, W. Independent

Coach — Teri Larson, Maize


H — Valeen Finney, Clearwater

H — Aley Tallman, Carroll

H — Jenna Kaiser, Kapaun

H — Camri Zwiesler, Newton

S — Chelsey Schumacher, Kapaun

S — Meryl Loop, Circle

DS/L — Christine Karslake, Rose Hill

Coach — Brian Hallmark, Augusta


H — Audrey Boese, Carroll

H — Julie Cook, Kapaun

H — Kelsey Loop, Circle

H — Kelsey Talbott, Andover Central

H — Kim Wadsworth, Andover

S — Stacey Unruh, Kapaun

DS — Lacy Barnes, Rose Hill

Coach — Sue Coffman, Andover