Varsity Volleyball

Volleyball schedules (Aug. 25, 2012)

Volleyball schedules


Tuesday – Derby, Maize South at Goddard; Wellington, Winfield at Rose Hill; Newton, Garden City at Salina Central; Hutchinson, Andover at Campus; Andover Central, West at Valley Center; Eisenhower, Campus at Arkansas City; Circle, Augusta at Andale; Collegiate, Mulvane at Clearwater; Ellinwood, Hutchinson Trinity at Independent; Moundridge, Conway Springs at Hesston; Burrton, St. John at Halstead; Centre, Inman at Canton-Galva; Trinity Academy, Eureka at Remington; El Dorado, McPherson at Buhler; Berean, Central- Burden at Bluestem; Elyria Christian, Ell-Saline, Hope at Goessel; Hodgeman County, Norwich, Satanta at Kiowa County; Hoisington, Smoky Valley, Abilene at Marion. Thursday – SE-Saline, Moundridge, Marion at Hillsboro; Garden Plain, Bluestem at Sedgwick; Eureka, Southern Coffey at Olpe; Hutchinson Trinity, Hesston at Minneapolis.


4 – South, Southeast at Northwest; North, Heights at Kapaun; East, West at Carroll; Wellington at Augusta; Salina Central, Salina South at Derby; Maize South, Arkansas City at Andover; El Dorado, Winfield at Circle; McPherson, Wellington at Augusta; Clearwater, Collegiate at Andale; Buhler, Rose Hill at Mulvane; Valley Center, Goddard at Eisenhower; Kingman, Independent at Cheney; Caldwell, Cedar Vale-Dexter, Haven at Udall; Douglass, Hillsboro at Hesston; Trinity Academy, Halstead at Conway Springs; Remington, Inman at Sedgwick; Berean, Moundridge, Ell-Saline at Bennington; Eureka, Yates Center at Marmaton Valley; Elyria, Goessel at Centre. 6 – Maize, Rose Hill at Andover Central; Hillsboro, Herington, Council Grove at Riley County; Medicine Lodge, St. John at Garden Plain; Douglass, Norwich at Chaparral. 8 – Conway Springs tourney, Valley Center tourney, Haven tourney, Flinthills tourney, Goessel tourney, Solomon tourney, Arkansas City tourney, Centre tourney, Eureka tourney, Norwich tourney. 10 – Great Bend, Russell at Smoky Valley. 11 – Carroll, Northwest at Heights; North, South at East; Southeast, Kapaun at West; Derby, Maize at Hutchinson; Augusta, Clearwater at Wellington; Hays at Salina Central; Eisenhower, Maize South at Andover Central; Andover, Valley Center at Arkansas City; Circle, Buhler at Collegiate; Hesston, Nickerson at Lyons; Haven, Hillsboro at Cheney; Clearwater, Augusta at Wellington; Rose Hill, Andale at McPherson; Mulvane, Winfield at El Dorado; Flinthills, Tyro at Cedar Vale-Dexter; Smoky Valley, Pratt at Halstead; Inman, Canton-Galva at Moundridge; Berean Academy, Hutch Trinity at Remington; Chanute, Fredonia at Eureka; White City, Peabody-Burns at Goessel; Norwich, Medicine Lodge at Pratt Skyline; Bennington, Ell-Saline, Sedgwick at Marion. 13 – Garden Plain, Great Bend, Cheney at Rose Hill. 15 – Chaparral tourney, Maize tourney, Chaparral tourney, Cedar Vale-Dexter tourney, Marion tourney, Topeka Hayden tourney, Mulvane tourney, Rossville tourney. 18 – Northwest, West at North; Heights, East at Southeast; Kapaun, Carroll at South; Wellington at Circle; Maize, Salina South at Newton; Rose Hill, McPherson at Winfield; Augusta, Mulvane at Buhler; Andover Central, Valley Center at Maize South; Campus, Salina Central at Derby; Andover, Goddard at Eisenhower; Collegiate, Wellington at Circle; Clearwater, Andale at El Dorado; Chaparral, Cheney at Great Bend; Cedar Vale-Dexter, Elk Valley at Central-Burden; Hesston, Smoky Valley at Chapman; Lyons, Hutchinson Central Christian at Halstead; Marion, Inman at Berean Academy; Pratt, Hillsboro at Kingman; Remington, Canton-Galva, Bennington at Ell-Saline; Burlington, Bluestem, Humboldt at Eureka; Little River, Solomon at Goessel; Fairfield, Stafford at Norwich; Moundridge, Sedgwick at Hutchinson Trinity. 20 – Bluestem at Independent. 22 – Newton tourney, Campus tourney, Douglass tourney, Olpe tourney. 25 – East, Northwest at Kapaun; Heights, South at West; North, Southeast at Carroll; Campus, Maize at Salina Central; Derby, Hutchinson at Newton; Andover, Eisenhower at Andover Central; Buhler, El Dorado at Rose Hill; Winfield, Wellington at Clearwater; Arkansas City, Maize South at Goddard; Circle, McPherson at Mulvane; Collegiate, Andale at Augusta; Trinity, Belle Plaine at Independent; Douglass, Chaparral, Cheney at Garden Plain; Cedar Vale-Dexter, Sedan at Oxford; Kingman, Haven, Halstead at Hesston; Ell-Saline, Bennington, Hutch Trinity at Inman; Lyons, Smoky Valley, Sterling at Hillsboro; Marion, Moundridge at Remington; Eureka, Caney Valley at Burlington; Wakefield, Goessel at Hope; Burrton, Cunningham at Norwich; Canton-Galva, Sedgwick at Berean. 27 – Salina Central, Chapman at Sacred Heart; Collegiate, Cheney at Valley Center. 29 – South Haven tourney, Andover tourney, Great Bend tourney, Burrton tourney, Canton-Galva tourney, Heights tourney, Kingman tourney, Ottawa tourney, Emporia tourney.


2 – East, Carroll at Heights; North, Kapaun at Northwest; Southeast, West at South; Wellington at Collegiate; Salina Central, Salina South at Hutchinson; Newton, Maize at Derby; Arkansas City, Goddard at Andover Central; Winfield, Andale at Buhler; Andover, Valley Center at Maize South; Circle, Augusta at Clearwater; Rose Hill, Wellington at Collegiate; Eisenhower, Great Bend at Campus; Belle Plaine, Conway Springs, Cheney at Douglass; Argonia, West Elk at Cedar Vale-Dexter; Hesston, Halstead at Sterling; Remington, Inman at Sedgwick; Hillsboro, Halstead, Hesston at Sterling; Remington, Inman at Sedgwick; Garden Plain, Trinity Academy at Medicine Lodge; Fredonia, Erie at Eureka; Solomon, Goessel at Little River; Attica, Norwich at Pretty Prairie; Kingman, Smoky Valley at Nickerson. 4 – Hillsboro, Great Bend at Newton; Moundridge, Remington at Trinity Academy; Hesston, SE-Saline at Ellinwood; Smoky Valley, Ellsworth at Central Plains. 6 – Circle tourney, McPherson tourney, Derby tourney, Circle tourney, SCBL tourney at West Elk, El Dorado tourney, Council Grove tourney. 9 – South, Heights at Kapaun; Northwest, Carroll at Southeast; North, West at East; Andale, Circle at Wellington; Derby, Campus at Salina South; Hutchinson, Salina Central at Newton; Andover Central, Goddard at Andover; Augusta, Collegiate at El Dorado; Buhler, Winfield at McPherson; Rose Hill, Clearwater at Mulvane; Arkansas City, Valley Center at Eisenhower; Conway Springs, Independent at Garden Plain; Trinity Academy, Cheney at Bluestem; Cedar Vale-Dexter, Oxford, Udall at Sedan; Hesston, Sterling at Pratt; Hillsboro, Nickerson at Halstead; Little River, Inman, Ellinwood at Goessel; Peabody-Burns, Remington at Berean Academy; Eureka, Humboldt at Cherryvale; Ellinwood, Little River, Inman at Goessel; Hutch Central Christian, Norwich at South Barber; Haven, Lyons, Kingman at Smoky Valley. 11 – Kapaun, West at Carroll; Southeast, Heights at North; South, East at Northwest. 13 – Goddard tourney, Clearwater tourney, Heart of America tourney (at Canton-Galva), Hillsboro tourney, Abilene tourney, St. Thomas Aquinas tourney, Sabetha tourney, Wheat State League tourney, Heart of Plains League (at Norwich). 16 – Northwest, Heights at West; South, Carroll at North; Kapaun, Southeast at East; Eisenhower, Maize South at Garden City; Goddard, Pratt at Valley Center; Buhler, Wellington at Andale; Salina Central at Maize; Andover Central, Derby at Arkansas City; Rose Hill, El Dorado at Augusta; Clearwater, McPherson at Circle; Andover, Newton at Campus; Independent, Medicine Lodge at Cheney; Garden Plain, Bluestem at Belle Plaine; Caldwell, Cedar Vale-Dexter at South Haven; Hesston, Halstead at Nickerson; Hutchinson Trinity, Sedgwick at Hillsboro; Yates Center, Eureka at Neodesha; Argonia, Attica, W. Homeschool at Norwich; Hoisington, Lyons at Smoky Valley.

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