Varsity Volleyball

Getting to know - Haleigh Lewis

Haleigh Lewis

East volleyball

Lewis, an All-City League selection as a junior, is a strong middle hitter with a serious funny bone.

What are your goals this season in volleyball?

"I want to be on the (Eagle's) All-Metro team so bad. That's the best of the best, and in order to be there, you have to be the best of the best.... My passing has definitely improved. I went to some camps over the summer, which really helped me, and I play all the way around sometimes."

What skills do you have at middle?

"Usually outsides only go diagonal most of the time, while middle hitters can choose whatever side of the court to hit to. You can hit to the right corner or the left corner."

You have a 3.88 GPA at Northeast Magnet. What career are you interested in?

"I want to be a math teacher. I'm student teaching for a class right now, Algebra II. And I'm taking an extra math class (as an elective).... I like to help others learn because sometimes they don't get it. I teach students in a different way than the teacher taught them.... I want to help people succeed. I don't want to see them sleeping in class."

I've had math teachers who love to tell dumb jokes. Can you do that?

"I like to see people laugh and have fun with their lives. That's why I tell jokes all the time. I'm the next comedian. Here's one: Have you ever seen the movie Constipated? (No.) That's 'cause it never came out. Here's another: What do you want to do if you want to have a party in outer space? You planet.

"Everybody thinks I'm so weird!"

You relish that, though, don't you?

"On my class ring, instead of having 'Haleigh' on the inside of it, I have 'Abnormal.' Why would I have my name on the inside and the outside? It's basically asinine. I don't like to fit in with the crowd. I want to go my own way. Everybody knows me. Some know me as the girl who had pink hair, and others know me as volleyball.

"I don't have pink hair anymore because this one lady was talking about me at the volleyball game. She thought I did drugs because I had pink hair. My mom was so mad. So now I have four different colors in my hair, like orangey, reddish, brown and blond."