Varsity Track and Field

State track schedule of events

State Track Meet

Friday’s Schedule

At Cessna Stadium

Running Events

Class 3A, 2A, 1A Finals

7:45 a.m.—3200 meters, 1A girls and boys

8:10—3200, 2A girls and boys

8:35—3200, 3A girls and boys

Class 3A, 2A, 1A Preliminaries

9 a.m. —Girls 100 hurdles

9:20— Boys 110 hurdles

9:45— Girls 400 relay

10—Boys 400 relay

10:20— Girls 400

10:40— Boys 400

11— Girls 300 hurdles

11:25— Boys 300 hurdles

11:50— Girls 200

12:10 p.m.— Boys 200

1— Girls 1600 relay

1:30— Boys 1600 relay

Class 6A, 5A, 4A Preliminaries

2 p.m.—Girls 100 hurdles

2:20—Boys 110 hurdles

2:45—Girls 400 relay

3—Boys 400 relay

3:20—Girls 400

3:40—Boys 400

4—Girls 300 hurdles

4:25—Boys 300 hurdles

4:50 p.m.— Girls 200

5:10 p.m.— Boys 200

5:30 p.m.— Girls 1600 relay

6 p.m.— Boys 1600 relay

Class 6A, 5A, 4A Finals

6:30 p.m.— 3200, 4A girls and boys

6:55— 3200, 5A girls and boys

7:20— 3200, 6A girls and boys

Field Events

8 a.m.—2A girls long jump, 1A boys tri-ple jump, 3A girls high jump, 2A boys high jump, 1A girls pole vault, 3A boys pole vault, 1A girls discus, 2A boys shot put, 3A boys javelin.

9:45—3A girls long jump, 2A boys triple jump, 2A girls discus, 3A girls shot put, 1A boys javelin.

11:30—1A girls long jump, 3A boys triple jump, 2A girls high jump, 1A boys high jump, 3A girls pole vault, 2A boys pole vault, 3A boys discus, 1A girls shot put, 2A boys jave-lin.

1:15 p.m.— 3A boys long jump, 2A girls triple jump, 1A boys discus, 2A girls shot put, 3A girls javelin.

3—4A girls long jump, 5A boys triple jump, 6A girls high jump, 4A boys high jump, 5A girls pole vault, 6A boys pole vault, 4A boys discus, 5A boys shot put, 6A girls jave-lin.

4:45—6A boys long jump, 4A boys triple jump, 5A girls discus, 6A boys shot put, 4A girls javelin.

6:30—5A girls long jump, 6A girls triple jump, 4A girls high jump, 5A boys high jump, 6A girls pole vault, 4A boys pole vault, 6A girls discus, 4A boys shot put, 5A boys jave-lin.

Saturday’s Schedule

Class 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A Preliminaries

8:30 a.m.—Girls 100

9—Boys 100

Class 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A Finals

9:30 a.m.—Girls 100 hurdles

9:50—Boys 110 hurdles

10:10—Girls 3200 relay

11:15—Boys 3200 relay

12:30 p.m.—Girls 100

12:45—Boys 100

1—Girls 1600

1:45—Boys 1600

3—Girls 400 relay

3:20—Boys 400 relay

3:40—Girls 400

3:55—Boys 400

4:10—Girls 300 hurdles

4:40—Boys 300 hurdles

5—Girls 800

5:25—Boys 800

5:40—Girls 200

5:55—Boys 200

6:10—Girls 1600 relay

6:30—Boys 1600 relay

Field Events

8 a.m.—4A boys long jump, 3A girls tri-ple jump, 1A girls high jump, 6A boys high jump, 2A girls pole vault, 5A boys pole vault, 5A boys discus, 4A girls discus, 6A boys javelin.

9:45—6A girls long jump, 5A girls triple jump, 4A girls discus, 5A girls shot put, 2A girls javelin.

11:30—1A boys long jump, 6A boys triple jump, 5A girls high jump, 3A boys high jump, 4A girls pole vault, 1A boys pole vault, 6A boys discus, 3A boys shot put, 1A girls jave-lin.

1:15—5A boys long jump, 1A girls triple jump, 2A boys discus, 1A boys shot put, 5A girls javelin.

3—2A boys long jump, 4A girls triple jump, 3A girls discus, 6A girls shot put, 4A boys javelin.

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