Varsity Basketball

In-game high school basketball scores and highlights (Feb. 4)

Check back throughout the night for updated scores and highlights from tonight’s action.

We will post verifiable scores from around the Wichita area including City League, AV-CTL and Central Plains League teams.

Follow the live feed of these updates at If you're trying to send us scores, use the hashtag #vkscores.


    Wichita Heights 86, Wichita Southeast 68 (FINAL) --Falcons led 39-30 at halftime. Heights gets a nice 3rd quarter from Evan Wessel up 53-39 with 3 mins left. Heights up 62-47 after 3 quarters

    Wichita Northwest 79, Wichita South 63 (FINAL) --Northwest led 41-20 at halftime.

    Wichita East 54, Bishop Carroll 46 (FINAL) --36-32 East High take the lead w 2:52 left in the 2nd. Jalen Love w 5 straight.

    Maize 60, Goddard 54 (FINAL) --Maize leads Goddard boys 30-25 at the half. Maize leads Goddard 40-25 with 5:00 to go in third. Maize leads Goddard 44-30 with 2:15 to go in the third.

    Wichita Collegiate 69, Buhler 32 (FINAL) -- Collegiate led 36-17 at half. Collegiate 60, Buhler 27 end 3rd

    Kapaun Mount Carmel 87, Andover Central 82 (FINAL-OVERTIME) -- Kapaun led 39-34 at halftime. Michael Martin scored 28 for Kapaun.


    Goddard 37, Maize 36 (FINAL)-- Maize girls take their first lead for 15-14 lead at the half. Goddard leads Maize girls 35-34 with 1:06 to go. Goddard bsll and timeout. Really well-played defensive game. Goddard's Hannah Puthoff gets a steal to seal the 37-36 victory over host Maize.

    Wichita Northwest 76, Wichita South 38 (FINAL)-- Northwest led South 23 at halftime.

    El Dorado 42, Maize South 38 (FINAL) --

    Wichita Collegiate 58, Buhler 53 (FINAL-OVERTIME) -- Buhler led 23-22 at half. Buhler's Taryn Torgerson hits an NBA 3-pointer at end of regulation to send game to OT Buhler girls 49, Collegiate 49. Collegiate girls 58, Buhler 53 FINAL/OT Ashia Woods 35 pts, 8 rebounds, 9 steals

    Wichita Heights 64, Wichita Southeast 23 (FINAL)-- Heights led 34-8 at halftime.

    Andover Central 52, Kapaun Mount Carmel 51 (FINAL) -- The game was tied at 22 at halftime. Justyce Perez scored 13 for Central, while Katie Anderson led Kapaun with 21.

    Bishop Carroll 61, Wichita East 51 (FINAL) -- 61-51 Carroll defeats East. Relina Johnson w 24pts and Cathy Brugman w 16.