Varsity Basketball

In-game high school basketball scores and highlights (Dec. 3)

Check back throughout the night for updated scores and highlights from tonight’s action.

We will post verifiable scores from around the Wichita area including City League, AV-CTL and Central Plains League teams.

Follow the live feed of these updates at If you're trying to send us scores, use the hashtag #vkscores.


    Wichita Northwest 80, Wichita Southeast 78 (FINAL) -- SE boys take a 16-8 lead in the first, 3:20 remaining.

    Southeast boys lead NW 23-15 after the first quarter.

    NW and SE are tied at the half, 36-all. SEs Hayden Harris and NWs Craig Nicholson have 17 apiece.

    SE leads NW 60-52 with 2:20 to go in the third.

    SE Takes a 68-58 lead after three.

    SE leads NW 76-75 with 2:06 to go. Oh, Craig Nicholson is the man. Still 4seconds, SE time, trails 80-78.

    Andover Central 72, Salina Central 53 (FINAL) -- Salina Central led 31-30 at halftime.

    Wichita Heights 62, Wichita North 56 (FINAL) -- Heights led 13-12 after one quarter and 36-24 at halftime.

    Heights will have the ball after a timeout leading North 58-55 with 1:07 to go. Conner Frankamp has 30 for North.

    Kapaun Mount Carmel 66, Wichita West 55 (FINAL) -- Kapaun led 36-17 at halftime. Michael Martin scored a game-high 16 for Kapaun.

    Wichita East 57, Dodge City 53 (FINAL) -- Dodge City led East 43-40 after three quarters. The game was tied at 48 with 2:44 to go.


    Wichita Northwest 65, Wichita Southeast 56 (FINAL) --Southeast girls time, 9-9 with 1:24 to go in the first. Two SE starters have 2 fouls. NW Girls lead SE 13-12 after one.

    Southeast leads Northwest 31-26 at the half. Foul trouble led SE to use 11 Players in the first quarter.

    NW Girls lead SE 44-39, 2:34 to go third quarter. After three, NW led 50-39.

    Salina Central 49, Andover Central 44 (FINAL) --Andover Central's first loss since 2009 sub-state.

    Wichita Heights 89, Wichita North 19 (FINAL) -- Heights led 27-2 after one quarter and 60-15 at halftime.

    Heights girls start the season with an 89-19 win over North.

    Kapaun Mount Carmel 65, Wichita West 16 (FINAL)-- Kapaun led at halftime 40-5.

    Katie Anderson led Kapaun with 17 points.

    Dodge City 49, Wichita East 28 (FINAL)--

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