Varsity Basketball

Andover Central girls ready for next chapter

During each of Andover Central coach Stana Jefferson's six seasons, she has had a sure-fire Division I basketball player. There was Kari Kincaid (Kansas State), Bailey Gee (Missouri) and the latest, Tiffany Bias (Oklahoma State).

Bias is a two-time Eagle All-State selection and a four-year starter at point guard who helped lead Andover Central to two undefeated seasons and two state titles.

Now she's in Stillwater.

But don't expect Andover Central to fall off drastically. Jefferson hasn't changed her expectations, and neither have her players.

"Even last year, you've got to take one game at a time," said Jefferson, who is 129-19 in six seasons. "I know we have to mature in some spots. Even with an undefeated team, there are definite bumps in the road. So you look at this like any other season — every night you go out and you hope to get a little better."

The Jaguars won't look that different. They'll continue running an uptempo style, pushing the ball up the floor at every possible moment.

Still, there are questions, which is to be expected after graduating Bias and three other starters.

"The boys teams, they tease us about that — Tiffany was your best player, the high scorer, she did everything," said senior Cami Gee, Bailey Gee's sister. "She was a great player, but we made contributions, you know?

"We know we have shoes to fill, and we're filling them just fine. It's not that we don't miss them, we will miss them. But we have to fill our spots and do our best."

Gee is one of the keys because of her versatility.

"I could play her from the 1 to the 5," Jefferson said. "That's what really makes her special. She can score from inside, she can shoot the three, she handles the ball real well. She's a good all-around basketball player."

Kimberly Chamberlin, Brae Stiverson and Hannah Henry round out the core of the Jaguars.

While only Gee was a starter last season, they all played significant minutes. And they're all ready to take on bigger roles.

"We have a fresh start," Chamberlin said. "We can go out with nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have no pressure on us, and we can play our game. We want to come out as a team that people don't think we are."

In losing four starters, though, the Jaguars have focused on building team chemistry.

"We have a lot of young people coming up," Gee said. "We've been together, and we stick together, and we hang out after school. It's after practice that we joke around and come together as a team."

That chemistry isn't just about liking each other and getting along. It's also about learning how each other plays, learning what each one will do in various situations.

"For me, Hannah Henry knows I'll run around the court and will cut until I have the open position and she'll look to me for that," Gee said. "I know Kimberly will be open for the three-point shot. We know now what the other will do."

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