Varsity Baseball

Area baseball notes, schedule

City League baseball notes

Carroll is looking for its third consecutive City League title with returning position players Evan Koehler (1B), Denton Howell (SS) and Nolan Barrientos (3B). Pitchers Seth Holman (4.53 ERA) and Bryce Whitechurch (3.11) also return.

Heights’ goals are an improved record and state tourney berth. The Falcons will have experience with three seniors and two juniors returning, including All-Metro pitcher Brandon Mercer.

Competition within the team is expected to help Kapaun. All-Metro 3B Max Hagan returns along with Nate Degenhardt, Tommy Meitzner, Kevin Luman and Tyler Jennings.

All-City DH Everardo Escamilla returns for North as do outfielders Esteran Hernandez and Tanner Raiburn.

Northwest reached state last season and returns the core of that team. . Top returners are P Jake Jones and Mitchell McIntyre, 2B Drew Eaves, IF Blake Feil and SS Jared Gates.

South, which has no senior starters, will rely on juniors Tyler Jorgensen at shortstop, Kaale McColloch at pitcher, and Brandon Shelton, a utility player.

Southeast is trying to find depth and will be led by All-City players Tevin Parks and Brett Bluma.

West was winless last season, but returns nine experienced players. P Dexter McCoy and 2B Dakota Longpine should be mainstays.

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Area baseball notes

Four seniors will lead Andover Central: Tanner Crouch, Zach McKenzie, Cory Olney and Larry Pugsley. All-league OF Austin Griffith also returns.

Ark City returns Dylan Burroughs, Cam Estrada and all-league P-OF Tyler Sutherland.

OF Logan Hiser, 2B Joe Cannady and IF Dalton Wheat are back for Augusta.

Belle Plaine’s only returning starting senior, Gabe Stewart will lead the Dragons, along with junior Jacob Callanan and sophomore Chase Curl.

P Cody Easterday will lead Bluestem. Cade Minnick hit .450 last season.

OF Justin Burba leads seven Campus starters returning. Seniors Tyler Tilley and Kyle Smith, and juniors Colton Flax and Junior Guerrero are also back.

Canton-Galva is led by seniors Kolby Moddelmog, Nick Vogts and Tyler Miller.

Chaparral’s Clay Wilcox, Zack Duwe and Kyndell Hightree return for the Roadrunners.

Senior pitchers Caleb Kirkpatrick and Adam Ronnebaum join C Garrett White back for Circle.

Collegiate moves up to 4A with seniors Angelo Encapera and Owen Shigley, and juniors Steven Huber, Israel Taylor and Jonathan Go.

Eight seniors return for Derby, including all-league players Tanner Greiving (DH) and Todd Freeman (OF). C Cody Bliss and P Garrett Rankin return.

El Dorado returns senior Jared Erpelding and juniors Aaron Riffel, Quinton Morgan and Kyle Macy.

Senior-dominated Goddard will depend on James Watkins, Austin White, James Baca and Tanner Lanterman. Junior P Collin Nevil also returns.

Haven returns three juniors with league recognition from last season: Jed Beachy, Zach Hendrixson and Trae Regier.

All-league pitchers Luke Moore and Kale Arnold return for Hillsboro, joined by all-league 1B Derek Kelsey and SS Lucas Sinclair.

Hutchinson returns eight starters, including seniors Jerome Roehm and Jamon Cotton.

Senior Adam Pierson returns as team captain for Independent. Juniors Matt Loveland, Trey Williams, Wesley Riedmiller and Ben Strickfaden also return.

State champion Maize returns Craig Nicks, JC Sturgeon, Ryan McBroom and AJ Shaw.

Maize South returns six all-league players: seniors Taner Thurman, Drake Dukes, Stefan Bray and juniors Kane McCarthy, Wes Phillips and Micah Kiser.

McPherson returns senior pitchers Aaron Marshall, Seth Sterling and Steven Gonzalez.

P Ethan Blouin will lead Moundridge. Daniel Ratzlaff and Cooper Wedel also return.

SS Quintin Crandall returns for Nickerson, along with Justin Engelland and Sean Rodriguez.

Eight starters return for Sunrise Christian, including players Bo Westfield, Preston Atherton and Michael Lee.

All nine starters and both pitchers return for Udall, including seniors Logan Beard, Colton Witte and junior Michael Propst.

Valley Center’s young team will rely on leadership from returning seniors Brit Maskrid, Logan Harpool, JaKobi Webber, and junior Theo Worstel.

Wellington returns all-league 3B Ryan Jenkins, SS Alex Weiss, and OF Taylan Ybarra.

Winfield’s Ryan Minton hit .342 last season. Landon Fox, Tyler Crandall and Kevin Faust are other key returners.

Seniors Nick Rotola, Blaine Birdwell and Jeff Melton return for Word of Life.

Area baseball schedule


24—Blue Valley at Maize, Northwest vs. Blue Valley at Maize. 26—Collegiate at El Dorado, Douglass at Kingman, Mulvane at Maize South, Rose Hill at Wellington. 27—Chase County at Moundridge, Derby vs. Manhattan at Westurban, East vs. Manhattan at Westurban, East vs. Derby at Westurban, Heights vs. Garden City at McAdams, Independent at Lyons, Kapaun at Hays, Little River at Hillsboro, South at Campus, Trinity at Clearwater, Winfield at Andover, Word of Life at Haven. 29—Augusta at Andale, Belle Plaine at Bluestem, Carroll at South, East vs. Northwest at Westurban, Goddard Eisenhower at Maize, Heights vs. Kapaun at South, Maize South at El Dorado, Medicine Lodge at Chaparral, North vs. Southeast at Westurban, Rose Hill at Trinity, Udall at Elk Valley, Wellington at Mulvane. 30—Dodge City at Hutchinson, Halstead at Independent, Haven at Smoky Valley, Hillsboro at Nickerson, McPherson at Salina South, Moundridge at Marion, Newton at Andover. 31—At Lawrence-Dumont Stadium: Carroll vs. South, East vs. Northwest, Heights vs. Kapaun, North vs. Southeast.


2—Andale at Mulvane, Augusta at Wellington, Chaparral at Bluestem, Clearwater at Rose Hill, Collegiate at Buhler, East vs. North at McAdams, El Dorado at Circle, Kapaun vs. West at Westurban, Medicine Lodge at Belle Plaine, Sunrise Christian at St. Mary’s Academy, Udall at Flint Hills. 3—Andover Central at Derby, Campus at Ark City, Canton-Galva at Bennington, Carroll vs. Heights at Westurban, Goddard Eisenhower at Salina South, Halstead at Haven, Hutchinson at Goddard, Nickerson at Kingman, Newton at McPherson, Northwest vs. South at Westurban, Salina Central at Valley Center, Salina Sacred Heart at Trinity, Sedgwick at Moundridge. 4—Kapaun vs. Northwest at Westurban. 5—Andale at Winfield, Bluestem at Burden Central, Carroll vs. Maize at Newman, Circle at Augusta, Clearwater at Buhler, Derby Invasion at Sunrise Christian, Douglass at Chaparral, Halstead at Nickerson, Kingman at Hillsboro, Sedgwick at Udall, West at Word of Life. 6—Canton-Galva at Southeast of Saline, East vs. Andover at Westurban, Derby vs. Dodge City at South, Derby at South, Dodge City at South. 9—Belle Plaine at Chaparral, Bluestem at Douglass, Carroll vs. West at Westurban, Circle at Clearwater, Collegiate at Maize South, Dexter at Udall, El Dorado at Augusta, Heights vs. Northwest at McAdams, Independent at Trinity, Rose Hill at Buhler, Wellington at Andale, Winfield at Mulvane. 10—Andover Central at McPherson, Ark City at Andover, Campus at Derby, East vs. Southeast at Westurban, Goddard Eisenhower at Hutchinson, Hoisington at Nickerson, Inman at Canton-Galva, Lyons at Hillsboro, Maize at Salina Central, Moundridge at Ell-Saline, North at South, Salina Sacred Heart at Haven, Salina South at Newton, Sedgwick at Inman, Valley Center at Goddard. 12—Andale at Clearwater, Augusta at Rose Hill, Belle Plaine at Douglass, Buhler at Mulvane, Collegiate at Wellington, East vs. South at Westurban, El Dorado at Winfield, Maize at Hutchinson, Maize South at Circle, North vs. West at McAdams. 13—Andover Central at Goddard Eisenhower, Ark City at McPherson, Carroll vs. Goddard at Newton, Carroll at Newton, Derby at Salina Central, Haven at Pratt, Hillsboro at Halstead, Independent at Lakin, Little River at Moundridge, Maize at Stillwater (Okla.) tournament, Marion at Sedgwick, Nickerson at Lyons, Southeast at Dodge City, Valley Center at Andover. 14—Maize at Stillwater (Okla.) tournament, St. Mary’s Academy at Sunrise Christian. 16—Augusta at Maize South, Augusta vs. Hays at Maize South, Buhler at Andale, Bluestem at Belle Plaine, Circle at Rose Hill, Clearwater at El Dorado, Douglass at Trinity, East vs. West at Westurban, Kapaun vs. Southeast at Westurban, Medicine Lodge at Independent, Mulvane at Collegiate, Sunrise Christian at Midland, Udall at Central-Burden, Wellington at Winfield. 17—Andover at Goddard, Campus at Newton, Carroll vs. North at Westurban, Goddard Eisenhower at Ark City, Heights at South, Hutchinson at Derby, Inman at Moundridge, Little River at Canton-Galva, Maize at Andover Central, McPherson at Valley Center, Pratt at Hillsboro, Smoky Valley at Nickerson. 19—Hillsboro at Canton-Galva. 20—Belle Plaine at Medicine Lodge, Bluestem at Independent, Chaparral at Derby, Derby at Ark City, Goddard Eisenhower at Goddard, Heights vs. Southeast at McAdams, Maize at Salina South, McPherson at Andover, Northwest at Hutchinson, Salina Central at Campus, Sunrise Christian at Derby Invasion, Udall at Dexter, Valley Center at Andover Central. 21—Carroll vs. Kapaun at Newman. 23—Andale at Collegiate, Belle Plaine at Independent, Buhler at Augusta, Chaparral at Trinity, Circle at Wellington, Clearwater at Maize South, East vs. Kapaun at Westurban, Medicine Lodge at Bluestem, Mulvane at El Dorado, North vs. Northwest at McAdams, Oxford at Udall, Rose Hill at Winfield. 24—Andover at Campus, Ark City at Andover Central, Canton-Galva at Sedgwick, Carroll vs. Southeast at Westurban, Derby at Maize, Goddard at McPherson, Moundridge at Bennington, Newton at Salina Central, Nickerson at Haven, Salina South at Hutchinson, South at West at Westurban, Valley Center at Goddard Eisenhower. 25—Northwest vs. Olathe North at Maize, Olathe North at Maize. 26—Carroll vs. Kapaun at Westurban, Circle at Andale, Clearwater at Collegiate, Douglass at Bluestem, El Dorado at Rose Hill, Heights vs. North at McAdams, Independent at Chaparral, Mulvane at Augusta, Trinity at Belle Plaine, Wellington at Maize South. 27—Andover Central at Andover, Campus at Maize, Canton-Galva at Moundridge, Derby at Newton, East vs. Dodge City at Westurban, Goddard at Ark City, Haven at Lyons, McPherson at Goddard Eisenhower, Medicine Lodge at Kingman, Nickerson at Great Bend, Northwest vs. West at Westurban, Salina Central at Hutchinson, Southeast at South, Winfield at Buhler, Valley Center at Salina South. 30—Augusta at Winfield, Buhler at Circle, Carroll vs. East at Westurban, Chaparral at Belle Plaine, Heights vs. West at Westurban, Maize at Hutchinson, Maize South at Andale, Medicine Lodge at Douglass, North at Garden City, Trinity at Bluestem, Udall at Sedan, Valley Center vs. Buhler at Circle, Valley Center at Circle.


1—Campus at McPherson, Ell-Saline at Canton-Galva, Haven at Hillsboro, Kapaun vs. South at Westurban, Moundridge at Inman, Newton at Andover Central, Northwest vs. Southeast at Westurban, Pratt at Nickerson, Wellington at Ark City. 3—Bluestem at Chaparral, Buhler at El Dorado, Collegiate at Circle, Douglass at Independent, Rose Hill at Mulvane, Trinity at Medicine Lodge, Wellington at Clearwater, Word of Life at Holton. 4—Ark City at Valley Center, Goddard at Hays Tournament, Goddard Eisenhower at Andover, Haven vs. Lyons at Kingman, Haven vs. Concordia vs. Kingman, Heights at Dodge City, Hillsboro at Marion, Hutchinson at Campus, Maize South at Emporia Tournament, Moundridge at Herington, Newton at Maize, Salina South at Derby, Sedgwick at Hoisington, Winfield at Emporia Tournament. 5—Blue Valley North at Andover Central, Blue Valley West at Andover Central, Douglass at Belle Plaine, Maize South at Emporia Tournament, Winfield at Emporia Tournament. 7—Andale at Rose Hill, Augusta at Clearwater, Carroll vs. Northwest at Westurban, Independent at Sedgwick, Kapaun vs. North at McAdams, Maize South at Buhler, Medicine Lodge at Chaparral, Mulvane at Circle, Winfield at Collegiate. 8—Andover Central at Goddard, Ark City at Wellington, East vs. Heights at Westurban, El Dorado at Valley Center, Halstead at Canton-Galva, Hillsboro at Smoky Valley, Hutchinson at Newton, Kingman at Haven, McPherson at Salina Central, Nickerson at Larned, Salina South at Campus, Southeast vs. West at Westurban. 10—Ark City vs. Dodge City at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, Campus at Maize, Carroll at Goddard Eisenhower, Newton at Hutchinson, Pratt at Medicine Lodge, Trinity at Collegiate. 14-18—Regionals. 25-26—State tournaments.