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East wins another swim crown

East swimming coach Joe Hutchinson wore his normal shirt and tie to the City League swimming meet even though he knew he might have to take a ceremonial dip in the pool if the Aces won.

East dominated the meet, finishing 101 points ahead of second-place North and leaving Hutchinson soaked from head-to-toe at Northwest on Thursday night.

"I knew going in that we had a lot of depth, but we had to swim well to end up on top," Hutchinson said. "Plus, I always wear a tie to the meets. I figure if basketball coaches can do it so can I."

East didn't need many first-place finishes to win its eighth City League meet title in nine years.

The Aces won the 200 medley relay and 200 freestyle relay, and junior Emily Spitz East's only individual gold medal with the top spot in the 100 free.

"It feels good knowing that just because we didn't win first or second place in every single event, we can still score more points placing more girls third through fifth," Spitz said. "I think it brings the team together rather than having one really good swimmer who scores all the points."

East placed in the top three in 10 of the 12 events. The Aces also placed multiple swimmers in the top six in most events.

"Getting two or three girls in the top six every time makes a big difference," Hutchinson said. "And our medley relay really started us out. They dropped four seconds off their best time of the season and set a school record. I think that got everybody excited."

North finished second with 237 points. Senior McKenzie Strother placed first in the 50 and 500 freestyles, and North won the 400 free relay.

"It was fun to end the meet," North coach Megan Von Fange said. "East is tough though. They have a lot of girls that can really swim."

Northwest finished 30 points behind North for third place.

Northwest senior Nikki Daniels broke the league record in the 200 IM with a time of 2:08.08. She also won the 100 breaststroke.

Southeast's Emily Chesser took home gold medals in the 200 free and 100 butterfly. Carroll freshman Madison Hutchinson won the 100 backstroke.

Team: East 338; North 237; Northwest 207; Heights 144; Kapaun 120; Carroll 118; Southeast 82; South 64; West 26.

200 medley relay — 1. East (Tran, Spitz, Ong, Shinsato) 1:54.11; 2. Northwest 1:54.62; 3. Kapaun 2:05.49. 200 freestyle 1. Chesser, Southeast, 1:56.71; 2. Withers, Southeast, 2:04.59; 3. Livingston, East, 2:07.54. 200 IM — 1. Daniels, Northwest, 2:08.08; 2. Tran, East, 2:24.57; 3. Smith, North, 2:28.27. 50 freestyle— 1. Strother, North, 25.47; 2. Shinsato, East, 25.97; 3. Bazzelle, Northwest, 26.83. Diving— 1. Freeman, Heights, 353.70; 2. Piland, Heights, 335.20; 3. Bazzelle, Northwest, 304.80. 100 butterfly— 1. Chesser, Southeast, 58.22; 2. Hutchinson, Carroll 59.62; 3. Lassley, North, 1:00.64. 100 freestyle— 1. Spitz, East, 56.96; 2. Silverthorne, North, 57.13; 3. Shinsato, East, 57.52. 500 freestyle— 1. Strother, North, 5:35.16; 2. Livingston, East, 5:50.24; 3. Smith, North, 5:54.00. 200 freestyle relay— 1. East (Shinsato, Spitz, Vu, White) 1:40.22; 2. North 1:45.47; 3. Kapaun 1:51.18. 100 backstroke— 1. Hutchinson, Carroll, 59.75; 2. Lassley, North, 1:00.16; 3. Aaby, Northwest, 1:00.77. 100 breaststroke— Daniels, Northwest, 1:04.76; 2. Spitz, East, 1:11.12; 3. Smith, North, 1:18.88. 400 freestyle relay— 1. North (Smith, Strother, Silverthorne, Lasslet) 3:49.06; 2. Northwest, 3:56.59; 3. East 3:59.96.

All-City teams

1st Team All City: Emily Chesser, McKenzie Strother, Nikki Daniels, Kate Spitz, Madison Hutchison, Andrea Livingston, Abbey Lassley, Kaitie Shinsato, Hannah Silverthorne, Oliva Tran, Kelly Smith, Maddie Bazzelle, Diver: Caroline Freeman

2nd Team All City: Ciciley Withers, Kara Aaby, Marisa Meyer, Natalie White, Julia Blasdel, Madelyn Ong, Haley Steinbach, Dina Vu, Eileen Thomas, Bailey Martin, Jessica Thomas Angela Smith, Diver: McKenzie Piland.