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Carroll freshman wins 5-1A girls bowling crown

Once Hollyann Johansen convinces herself things are a certain way, her mind can’t be changed.

The Bishop Carroll freshman was sure the 71 other bowlers at the Class 5-1A tournament Thursday were superior.

It created the illusion of a challenge for Johansen, so she pushed herself. By the time she had finished, her 756 series left no doubt who was the best bowler. Johansen finished 73 pins ahead of the next bowler, and she posted the second-highest score in the seven-year history of the tournament.

“Ever since I started bowling league with older kids, I think if I’m bowling somebody better than me, then I try to do better so I can have competition with them,” Johansen said.

Topeka Seaman won the girls team title by eight pins over Buhler, while Kansas City Washington repeated as boys champions by storming back in the third game to defeat Bishop Carroll. Washington’s Cedric Phillips won boys individual honors with his 714 series.

Johansen has been at her best as the tournaments get bigger. The freshman became the first girls City League bowler to win her league, regional and state meet.

“She showed her poise and her savvy today,” Carroll coach Jim Nance said. “She may be only 14, but she’s as fierce a competitor as you’ll find.”

Johansen took control in her second game, in which she was perfect entering the 10th frame. She came up just short of perfection, at 289.

Nance thinks she showed greater resolve her final game, in which she began by piecing together multiple spares on her way to a 246.

“She doesn’t get rattled,” Nance said. “Once she had to start picking up spares, it didn’t bother her. She just kept rolling; she knew the strikes were coming.”

Later in the day, Nance thought he might take home another title when his boys team owned a 34-pin advantage over Washington entering the final set.

A high score in the 800s would seal it, Nance thought, and his prediction would prove true when Washington came in with an 896. But Carroll had 812 and finished in second place by 50 pins.

“But it was just like last year,” Carroll senior Kolby Franklin said. “They bowled better than us in the third set and the better team won.”

Buhler coach Skip Wilson can relate. His girls team held an 18-pin lead over Topeka Seaman going into game three, but came up eight pins short in the final score. The Crusaders had medalists in Kirsten Allan, fifth at 643, Joely Bartel, 10th at 608, and Alana Hunt, 20th at 563.

“We wanted to get back here, which we did, and we wanted to place higher than we did last year (third), which we did,” Wilson said. “So we have a third and now a second, so maybe next year is our year.”

Andover Central was represented in the top three on both sides, as freshman Keri Ladigo placed second in the girls field with a 683 series, while senior Zachary Doshier took third in the boys field with a 685 series.

“It’s fun watching both of them because they’re so composed,” Central coach John Calabro said. “Keri doesn’t get rattled easy and Zach can really focus. When they step up in their approach, they’re in a zone.”

Class 5-1A results

At Northrock Lanes


Team scores—1. KC Washington 2,729 (Cedric Phillips 714, Michael Allen 712, Blackie Enloe 629, Gregory L. Fears 624, Zachary Smithey 540, Jerron Clopton 519); 2. Bishop Carroll 2,679 (Jamel Gunther 678, Kolby Franklin 672, Shawn Hansen 618, Andre Morgan 605, Connor McGill 603, Nick Kwasniak 577); 3. Topeka Seaman 2,624 (Tate Lawson 665, Austin Atwood 654, Kenneth Benoit 644, Ashton Bigger 605, Blake Newberry 560, Ryan Dindios 493); 4. KC Turner 2,623; 5. McPherson 2,603 (Levi Holgerson 657, William Reed 653, Lucas Wann 630, Vince Peters 606, Nathan Snyder 559, Matt Shriver 543); 6. Great Bend 2,566; 7. Gardner-Edgerton 2,552; 8. Trinity Academy 2,471 (Tad Wiesner 648, Kyle Burris 605, Divante Henriquez 604, Zachary McKenzie 585, Josiah DeGrado 489, Benjamin Vigilius 483).

Individual results—1. Cedric Phillips, KC Washington, 255-234-225-714; 2. Michael Allen, KC Washington, 210-289-213-712; 3. Zachary Doshier, Andover Central, 256-188-241-685; 4. Dakota Conaway, Great Bend, 256-234-190-680; 5. Jamel Gunther, Bishop Carroll, 290-193-195-678; 6. Chance Rivera, KC Turner, 231-199-245-675; 7. Kolby Franklin, Bishop Carroll, 245-187-233-672; 8. Tate Lawson, Topeka Seaman, 223-230-211-665; 9. Zachary Sims, Salina Sacred Heart, 223-230-211-664; 10. Levi Holgerson, McPherson, 266-185-206-657; 11. Austin Atwood, Topeka Seaman, 212-204-238-654; 12. William Reed, McPherson, 249-175-229-653; 13. Nathan Fitch, Andover Central, 216-199-236-615; 14. Robert Calvano, Bishop Miege, 235-213-202-650; 15. Tyler Gaylord, Gardner-Edgerton, 199-201-248-648; 16. Tad Wiesner, Trinity Academy, 224-202-222-648; 17. Dustin Michaelis, Topeka West, 202-200-243-645; 18. Kenneth Benoit, Topeka Seaman, 202-239-203-644; 19. David Carson, KC Christian, 214-226-202-642; 20. Scott Rochat, Andover, 192-213-231-636.


Team scores—1. Topeka Seaman 2,423 (Alexis Hackler 643, Shelby Shaw 621, Courtney Bigger 576, Britni Thoman 542, Rhiannon Ross 525, Katie Brazda 517); 2. Buhler 2,415 (Kirsten Allen 643, Joely Bartel 608, Casey Bailey 575, Alana Hunt 563, Destiny Bruce 518, Colleen Withey 500); 3. Bishop Carroll 2,370 (Hollyann Johansen 756, Morgan Kuckelman 575, Kaitlin Johnson 527, Anna Bohr 465, Rachell Rotramel 464, Jordynn Schmidt 437); 4. Andover Central 2,306 (Keri Ladigo 683, Hannah Mason 624, Stella Canfield 468, Laura Scoles 464, Briana Stoner 437, Alexsandra Carrillo 424); 5. Lansing 2,267; 6. Shawnee Heights 2,216; 7. Great Bend 2,181; 8. KC Turner 1,978.

Individual results—1. Hollyann Johansen, Bishop Carroll, 221-289-246-756; 2. Keri Ladigo, Andover Central, 233-203-247-683; 3. Kaitlyn Carter, KC Sumner, 189-237-236-662; 4. Alexis Hackler, Topeka Seaman, 173-243-227-643; 5. Kirsten Allan, Buhler, 234-203-206-643; 6. Jessica Thompson, Shawnee Heights, 233-198-204-635; 7. Lori Angello, Lansing, 222-246-157-625; 8. Hannah Mason, Andover Central, 226-152-246-624; 9. Shelby Shaw, Topeka Seaman, 233-173-215-621; 10. Joely Bartel, Buhler, 226-177-205-608; 11. Santana Reed, KC Sumner, 162-208-233-603; 12. Elizabeth May, Garden Plain, 161-289-137-587; 13. Kelli Kirmer, Great Bend, 192-156-235-583; 14. Ally Eckert, Lansing, 177-180-224-581; 15. Courtney Bigger, Topeka Seaman, 200-204-172-576; 16. Morgan Kuckelman, Bishop Carroll, 208-189-178-575; 17. Casey Bailey, Buhler, 199-204-172-575; 18. Miranda Hejny, Great Bend, 170-225-176-571; 19. Nicole Gulick, Circle, 157-223-184-564; 20. Alana Hunt, Buhler, 200-202-161-563.