Varsity Kansas

The Varsity Kansas student section rankings (Sept. 25)


kapaun (2)

1. Kapaun Mt. Carmel Crusaders (LW: 2)

The top spot has been a long time coming for Kapaun’s student section, which has consistently brought it every Friday night and even at soccer games during the week. Of course they bring the numbers, but what I love about this student section is how innovative they’ve been throughout the season. They’ve stopped doing the rollercoaster, instead replacing it with whatever fits their theme for that week. Last week it was surfing; this week it was riding a horse. They’ve been on the brink of No. 1 all season and I just couldn’t deny them after they demanded the top spot on Friday.


2. Andover Trojans (LW: 5)

Nickname: “The Blue Crew”

Any student section can get hype for their biggest game of the year, so the bar was extremely high last Friday when I went to check out the Andover-Andover Central game. I was a little concerned after word reached me that Andover had changed its theme to a white out after its rival had already declared that as their theme earlier in the week. Turns out, the Blue Crew had the stunt of the year (so far, anyway) saved. After Andover scored its first touchdown, an Andover banner was draped over the student section and when they emerged the entire section had changed from white gear to blue gear for the rare color change during the game. It was a thing of beauty. And if that wasn’t enough, Andover was going bananas the entire night. There was no question that Andover, from its football team to its student section, owned last Friday night.


3. Derby Panthers (LW: 1)

Nickname: “The Den”

Not only is Derby’s football team on a roll now, but so is “The Den.” It was a beach party in Derby, as the students watched the Panthers roll past Hutchinson to improve to 3-1 in a great rivalry game. The theme was once again solid, the chest paint remains the best around, and the sign game was very strong. Friday is a big game for Derby, not only is it the third straight home game but now the Panthers will be head-to-head against another great student section in Bishop Carroll.


4. Goddard Lions (LW: 3)

Nickname: “The Den”

I could tell it was going to be a crazy night in Goddard when I saw before the game “The Den” already had a shark vs. stingray battle of the floaties going in their student section. Goddard’s student section had the signs to go along with their theme, and I loved the massive poster donning the front of the student section stating “This Is Our Island.” Goddard took a normal theme and put its own twist on it, which I liked. But now as much as the students bringing back the “Oh My Goddard” chant to celebrate the victory and 4-0 start to the season.

5. Maize Eagles (LW: 8)

Nickname: “The Nest”

Maize was one of the biggest winners of the week, as it had one of the coolest stunts of the season with a student dressed up as Moses “parting” the Red Sea in the student section. I’ve seen that online before, but haven’t seen anybody around here pull that off yet. So bonus points there. More bonus points for Maize principal Chris Botts leading the rollercoaster in the student section, too. The sign game was once again solid and Ashley Tran keeps pumping out fire videos for Friday night games on a weekly basis, too. Maize makes a big leap into the Top 5 this week, which leaves a big task ahead this Friday with a road trip to Arkansas City if they want to keep it.


6. Campus Colts (LW: 7)

Nickname: “The Screamin’ Stampede”

Back to back weeks with trips to Salina? Not a problem for the Screamin’ Stampede, which came back just as strong this week even after their football team took a loss in Salina the week before. This time the Colts won and the student section was crazy once again, which has them moving up in the rankings this week. Also, Campus was the first section (that I saw) who had the “You vs. The Guy She Tells You Not To Worry About” sign. Also, I loved the very 70’s Screamin’ Stampede sign that they had in front of the student section. Props for that to go along with the tie-dye theme.

valley center

7. Valley Center Hornets (LW: 9)

Nickname: “The Hornet’s Nest”

Valley Center has had some of the most creative themes around so far this season, which continued last week with their “Pick 6” theme. For those not familiar, Valley Center’s defense has made a living this season on interception returns to help win games and the student section capitalized on that in a big way. Love the creativity from a student section that has been trending upward for the first four weeks of the season.


8. Newton Railers (LW: 6)

Nickname: “The Tron”

After last week’s USA blow-out theme, Newton followed it up with its most creative theme of the season as the majority of the student section were donning toga’s to the game against Valley Center last Friday. The Tron is quickly becoming one of the most rabid student sections around and this gives you a glimpse into how much fun a Friday night is in Newton.


9. Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles (LW: 4)

Carroll had a tough ask last week with a road trip on a Thursday night in a game where its football team was heavily favored over East. There was still a solid showing to support the Golden Eagles as they improved to 4-0 on the season. Carroll will have a big challenge this Friday with a showdown in Derby that should bring out a big showing.


10. Eisenhower Tigers (LW: 10)

Nickname: “The Zoo”

andover central
Courtesy photo from Steve Adelson

11. Andover Central Jaguars (LW: 11)

Nickname: “The Jungle”


12. Northwest Grizzlies (LW: 12)

maize south

13. Maize South Mavericks (LW: 13)

Nickname: “Maverick Maniacs”

14. Heights Falcons (LW: 16)


15. East Blue Aces (LW: 14)

Nickname: “The East High Hecklers”


16. Hutchinson Salthawks (LW: UR)

Nickname: “The Squawk Block”

ark city

17. Arkansas City Bulldogs (LW: UR)

18. McPherson Bullpups (LW: 15)

Nickname: “Bullpup Nation”



1. Augusta Orioles (LW: 3)

Nickname: “The O’s Zone”


2. Circle Thunderbirds (LW: 4)

Nickname: “The Bird Cage Crew”


3. Kingman Eagles (LW: 6)

Nickname: “The Kingdom”


4. Douglass Bulldogs (LW: 1)

Nickname: “The Kennel”


5. Trinity Academy Knights (LW: 7)

Nickname: “The TA Spirit Section”


6. Hesston Swathers (LW: 2)

Nickname: “Hobbs Squad”


7. Wellington Crusaders (LW: 5)

Nickname: “The Red Zone”


8. Andale Indians (LW: UR)


9. Cheney Cardinals (LW: UR)

10. Collegiate Spartans (LW: 8)

11. Mulvane Wildcats (LW: 9)

Nickname: “The Rowdie Crowd”

12. Winfield Vikings (LW: UR)

13. El Dorado Wildcats (LW: 10)

14. Halstead Dragons (LW: 11)