Varsity Kansas

The Varsity Kansas student section rankings (Sept. 10)


1. Goddard Lions (LW: 2)

Nickname: “The Den”

It was the perfect night for Goddard. The Goddard-Derby game was billed as the game of the night in Kansas and the Lions rolled to a 50-20 victory, ending Derby’s 24-game winning streak, and coming through with one of the best student section performances of the young season. The Den had the Sign of the Week (pictured at the top), had another fun game of Pac Lion, killed the patriotic theme, and had themselves a fun night. After a solid showing three hours away in Olathe to start the season, Goddard followed it up with a great home opening and did enough for me to move them up to the No. 1 ranking. Friday belonged to Goddard, simply put.


2. Kapaun Mt. Carmel Crusaders (LW: 3)

After coming through with three straight impressive showings last week, Kapaun followed it up with its best performance of the season in its first home game. Not only did Kapaun improve to 2-0 with a 21-0 shutout of its rival Andover, but the student section packed Cessna Stadium and came through with an A+ performance in its sign game. My favorites include: “Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?”, “Andover is an Off-Brand Wichita”, and “We’ll Beat You Over AndOver AndOver.” Then to top it off, the High School Gameday crew made their season debut. All in all, this was a big week for Kapaun.

3. Derby Panthers (LW: 1)

Nickname: “The Den”

Things didn’t go according to plan for the football team, as Derby lost for the first time in two years as Goddard snapped its 24-game winning streak. But give Derby’s student section credit here. They made the cross-town drive to Goddard for the second straight week and made their voices heard. It was a Neon Night for “The Den” and the Derby student section continued their strong reputation for supporting their football team. And the seniors dancing in front of the section before the game is one of my favorite traditions. The Den has started their year out with two very strong performances on the road — now it’s time to see how magic green is at home this Friday for a big one against 2-0 Maize.


4. Campus Colts (LW: 7)

Nickname: “The Screamin’ Stampede”

There is a renaissance going on in Haysville. Not only are the Campus football and boys soccer teams winning, but the student section has seen a revival. Suddenly supporting the Campus Colts is the thing to do and the enthusiasm has the “Screamin’ Stampede” soaring up the rankings. I got to see the Colt Express first-hand on Thursday, then it was back in business for a second day in a row on Friday night. I’m moving Campus up in the rankings solely because it just looks like these kids are having a blast. We’ve seen what Campus can do with home games, but now the Colts are going on the road the next two weeks to Salina — a challenging road trip, but one that could vault them even higher with another great showing.


5. Maize Eagles (LW: 14)

Nickname: “The Nest”

Maize took advantage of its first home game in a big way, as the cheerleaders started Friday off with welcoming home veterans at the airport and then the student section had a massive turnout for their patriotic theme. Just watch this video (well done, Ashley Tran) and tell me that student section does not look like it was lit on Friday. Extra points for helping out military veterans and extra points for a very solid rollercoaster during the game, as well. Maize will have a big one on the road this Friday at Derby, a chance to solidify its spot this high in the rankings.


6. Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles (LW: 4)

Carroll was electric last week, coming through with three big-time showings in one week and showing out with a luau theme for the football team’s big 40-35 season-opening win over Northwest. But this week they had a 90-minute trip to Salina, which limited the turnout. It was still a solid showing to watch Carroll move to 2-0 with a 48-24 win over Salina South. It’s a tough ask when the football team’s first two games are on the road, so look for a big showing this Friday when the Golden Eagles play at home for the first time this season against West.


7. Andover Trojans (LW: 12)

Nickname: “The Blue Crew”

After a very solid showing in Andover the first week, the “Blue Crew” had their second straight outstanding effort on the road after lighting up Cessna Stadium with a neon night. Check out the depth and how wide that student section is and you’ll begin to appreciate how many Andover students packed the stands. I saw some impressive video from the performance and that has me moving the Trojans up in the rankings. They’ll get a big home game this Thursday against Goddard.


8. Northwest Grizzlies (LW: 6)

Northwest has had a very strong opening to the season with two home games, as the Grizzlies delivered a 37-20 over Heights to pick up their first win of the season. Northwest’s student section went with the patriotic theme this week and looked like they pulled it off once again. Northwest has a road trip to Great Bend this week — how many fans will make the trip to support the Grizz this week?


9. Eisenhower Tigers (LW: 5)

Nickname: “The Zoo”


10. Valley Center Hornets (LW: 10)

Nickname: “The Hornets’ Nest”


11. Newton Railers (LW: 9)

Nickname: “The Tron”

maize south

12. Maize South Mavericks (LW: 11)


13. Andover Central Jaguars (LW: 8)

Nickname: “The Jungle”

14. Augusta Orioles (LW: 13)

Nickname: “The O’s Zone”

15. Trinity Academy Knights (LW: 15)


16. Douglass Bulldogs (LW: 16)

Nickname: “The Kennel”

17. Chaparral Roadrunners (LW: UR)

east high

18. East Blue Aces (LW: UR)

Nickname: “East High Hecklers”


19. Kingman Eagles (LW: 17)