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Getting to Know East runner Tyler Cargill

East High sprinter Tyler Cargill.
East High sprinter Tyler Cargill. The Wichita Eagle

Tyler Cargill

East track

Cargill, a senior, didn’t run track as a junior in order to focus on his academics in East’s International Baccalaureate program. His sophomore season ended early after he suffered a hip flexor injury. He is running the 400 meters and the 1600 relay.

Why didn’t you run track last season?

“Sophomore year, I was doing speed training on the indoor track and I either strained or pulled my hip flexor. I was having a lot of schoolwork, so I didn’t have time to prepare for track. I felt like I hadn’t prepared for it like I needed to, and that’s why I got hurt. Last year I wasn’t prepared, either.

“I value my sports a lot, but I also value my education. I want to do the best in both, and if I can’t, then I want to solely focus on education.”

Are you glad you’re back in track?

“It’s awesome this year. It’s great being around my teammates. It was tough focusing just on education. I can get my personality out there now. I’ve been running since, I would say, the beginning of elementary. It’s like I’m able to be myself again.”

Are you running well?

“My best time is a 51.44 (seconds) in the 400, and I’m happy with where I’m at. But I still think I have a lot of work to do. I see the times around the state and some kid ran a 49 already. I want to work hard because in the end, I want to be one of the best.… I want to get faster and hopefully be the best.”

What do you want to study at Kansas?

“I’m going to study chemical engineering and maybe some bio chemistry. I want to be able to help contribute or promote a sustainable future for the well-being of the environment. I want us to get off fossil fuels and develop clean energy.

“I ride my bike to school, and I’m trying to find ways to minimize my impact on the environment. I’m environmentally focused.… It’s all about realizing what we have and not taking it for granted. We can’t use everything as if it’s going to be there forever. We have to be environmentally conscious that we can save our resources.”

Art is also important to you, isn’t it?

“I’m really into art. I’ve been working on a project right now where I painted a mural that shows the transformation of the bike trail in Wichita. It used to be a railroad and now it’s used for biking. I’ve been talking to someone (with Wichita’s Park and Recreation department) about putting it up on the bike path.”