Varsity Kansas

Football 2015: Capsules of other Wichita-area teams


Co-Coaches: Lance Vandeveer/ Luke Greenwood, third season. 2014: 12-1. Top players: Alec McDaniel, QB-S, 5-9, 155, sr.; Devon Newberry, RB-LB/DE, 6-3, 185, sr.; Troy Francis, C, 6-3, 300, sr.; Aaron Harsh, TE, 6-3, 185, sr.; Kolten Koerner, LB-DE, 6-1, 160, sr.; Seth Hemberger, LB, 5-9, 160, jr.

Outlook: The Titans are led by the experienced duo of McDaniel and Newberry. McDaniel rushing for 10 touchdowns and threw for 22 last year. The Titals amassed 1,546 rushing yards and 35 TDs and passed for 1,707 yards and 33 TDs. The challenge for Attica-Argonia will be to replace graduated seniors on the lines.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Sedan (at Argonia); Sept. 11, at Cedar Vale-Dexter; Sept. 18, Central-Burden (at Argonia); Sept. 25, at Pratt-Skyline; Oct. 2, Caldwell (at Argonia); Oct. 9, at South Haven; Oct. 16, Pretty Prairie (at Attica); Oct. 23, at Norwich; Oct. 29, South Barber (at Attica).


Coach: Chris Jensen, first season. 2014: 0-9. Top players: Elijah Foth, OL-DL, 6-0, 185, sr.; Brendan Dick, RB-DB, 6-3, 180, jr.; Sydney Fout, RB-DB, 5-10, 170, soph.; Nathaniel Watson, RB-DB, 5-9, 150, jr.; Dakota Roland, OL-DL, 6-0, 195, jr.

Notes: Burrton will be looking to break a 33-game losing streak. Jensen coached all of the players during their middle school days. The Chargers did receive some honors last season, as lineman Elijah Foth and kicker-punter Oscar Canada were all-Heart of the Plains selections.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Fairfield; Sept. 11, at Stafford; Sept. 18, Canton-Galva; Sept. 25, at Pretty Prairie; Oct. 2, Centre; Oct. 9, at Wilson; Oct. 16, Tescott; Oct. 23, at Sylvan; Oct. 29, Chase.


Coach: Sean Blosser, fifth season, 22-18. 2014: 7-3. Top players: Colten Ward, QB-DB, 5-10, 145, jr.; Kyler Bruey, RB-TE/LB, 5-11, 160, sr.; Ross Kuehny, OL/DE-LB, 6-0, 185, sr.

Notes: Graduation losses hit the Bluejays hard, and this year Caldwell will try to find a new group of leaders. Blosser said the key will be playing well on both sides of the ball. Backfield will be one of the Bluejays’ strengths, he said.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Central-Burden; Sept. 11, Udall; Sept. 18, at West Elk; Sept. 25, Cedar Vale-Dexter; Oct. 2, at Argonia-Attica; Oct. 9, at Pretty Prairie; Oct. 16, South Barber; Oct. 23, at South Haven; Oct. 29, Norwich.


Coach: Dustin Patee, first season. 2014: 5-4. Top players: Travis Unruh, QB-LB, 6-0, 190, sr.; Hunter Pearson, OL, 6-3, 228, jr.; Reed Weins, DL, 6-2, 180, jr.; Caleb Sovde, LB, 5-10, 196, sr.

Notes: Patee, formerly at Logan-Palco, will be implementing a new system. “If we can learn the new system to where we can play fast, we could get some early wins,” he said. A good regular season would help the Eagles roll into a tough district with confidence, he said.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Central Christian; Sept. 11, at Peabody-Burns; Sept. 18, Burrton; Sept. 25, at Word of Life; Oct. 2, Central Plains; Oct. 9, at Solomon; Oct. 16, Little River; Oct. 23, at Goessel; Oct. 29, Ellinwood.

Cedar Vale-Dexter

Co-Coaches: Dustin Murphy (Cedar Vale), second season; Richard Artherton (Dexter), first season. 2014: 6-4. Top players: Ben Call, OG-DE, 6-5, 180, sr.; Thomas Parsons, QB, 6-3, 170, jr.; Miles Juul, RB-LB, 5-7, 164, jr.; Nate Zimmerman, OG-LB, 6-2, 165, sr.; Demetrius Adkins, RB-LB, 6-2, 182, jr.

Notes: Last year’s playoff team graduated six seniors, so the Spartans must fill a number of key positions. Murphy said hard work during the summer has built optimism for this year.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Flinthills; Sept. 11, Attica-Argonia (at Dexter); Sept. 18, South Haven (at Cedar Vale); Sept. 25, at Caldwell; Oct. 2, Oxford (at Cedar Vale); Oct. 9, at West Elk; Oct. 16, Central-Burden (at Dexter); Oct. 23, at Udall; Oct. 29, Sedan (at Cedar Vale).


Coach: Anthony Blair, second season, 3-6. 2014: 3-6. Top players: Lucas McMichael, QB-LB, 5-10, 180, sr.; Michael Delaney, FB-DE, 5-10, 185, sr.; Josh Koppelmann, RB-LB, 5-7, 175, sr.; Cody Jimenez, TE, 6-3, 180, jr.; Nathan Delaney, 5-8, 145, so.

Notes: A solid group of seniors will lead Central into the South Central Border League in Blair’s second year. Blair said the group is motivated with great work ethic.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Caldwell; Sept. 11, Flinthills; Sept. 18, at Argonia; Sept. 25, at South Haven; Oct. 2 at Udall; Oct. 9, Oxford; Oct. 16, at Cedar Vale-Dexter; Oct. 23, at Sedan; Oct. 29, West Elk.


Coach: Tye Remy, second season, 3-6. 2014: 3-6. Top players: Barrett Smith, FB-LB, 5-6, 180, sr; Dylan Denies, TE-QB-S, 6-0, 165, jr.; Bendon Bina, RG-DE, 6-0, 210, jr.; Cole Methvin, WR-QB-CB, 5-10, 150, jr.; Max Svoboda, HB-MLB, 5-7, 160, so.

Notes: Last year, Remy had to replace 11 seniors in his first season as coach, then played five guys with no varsity experience on each side of the ball. Remy has seven returners back for his second season, and attendance for summer workouts went up significantly. “It is a nice feeling having a greater number of guys who seem to have a grasp on what varsity football is like,” Remy said.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Solomon; Sept. 11, Little River; Sept. 18, at Goessel; Sept. 25, Rural Vista; Oct. 2, at Burrton; Oct. 9, at Tescott; Oct. 16, Chase; Oct. 23, at Wilson; Oct. 29, Sylvan-Lucas.


Co-coaches: Lance McGuire and Lee Odell, first season. Top players: Tim Patton, QB-RB-DB, 5-10, 155, sr.; Devin Hargett, OL-DL, 5-9, 200, sr.; Chris Hansen, OL-DL, 5-9, 190, sr.; Aiden Cochran, RB-E-DB, 5-11, 145, sr.; Aaron Soellner, TE-RB-LB, 6-2, 210, jr.

Notes: McGuire and Odell are still trying to decide who is in and who is out on this combined team that brings together an exceptional Cunningham squad and a deprived Fairfield team. That situation, McGuire says, is “very fluid” as kids decide whether they want to stay in the sport or not, and it hasn’t been helped by running back Jacob Earley transferring just weeks before the start of the season.

Schedule: Sept. 5, at Burrton; Sept. 11, Pretty Prairie (at Fairfield); Sept. 18, at Norwich; Sept. 25, Central Christian (at Fairfield); Oct. 2, Minneola (at Cunningham); Oct. 9, open; Oct. 16, Stafford (at Fairfield); Oct. 23, at Ashland (at Cunningham); Oct. 29, at Bucklin.


Coach: Mike Davison, third season, 8-11. 2014: 2-7. Top players: Cole Wolfsbauer, LB, 6-0, 180, sr.; Brandon Winfrey, OL-DL, 6-0, 225, sr.; Grayson Price, OL-DL, 6-3, 275, sr.

Notes: Davison said he still wasn’t sure who is coming out for this team, but has the three listed for certain. The team lost quarterback Colton Pikto and wide receiver Dalton Lyon, most significantly, who both graduated and will be tough to replace.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Burlington; Sept. 11, at Cherryvale; Sept. 18, at Olpe; Sept. 25, at Yates Center; Oct. 2, Humboldt; Oct. 9, Erie; Oct. 16, at Caney; Oct. 23, Fredonia; Oct. 29, at Neodesha.


Coach: Chuck Bisbee, second season, 1-8. 2014: 1-8. Top players: Jason Hefton, QB-DB, 6-0, 171, sr.; Colton Timms, FB-LB, 6-1, 195, sr.; Trey McNemee, RB-DB, 5-8, 165, jr.

Notes: Flinthills has only combined for two wins over that same amount of years. Hefton will start at quarterback for the second straight year, while McNemee leads the defense again.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Cedar Vale-Dexter; Sept. 11, at Central-Burden; Sept. 18, Joplin (Mo.) McAuley; Sept. 25, at Oxford; Oct. 2, at Peabody-Burns; Oct. 9, Lebo; Oct. 16, at Burlingame; Oct. 23, at Madison; Oct. 29, Rural Vista.


Coach: Garrett Hiebert, fourth season, 9-19. 2014: 1-8. Top players: Josh Schmidt, QB-DB, 5-6, 130, jr.; Miguel Guerrero, RB-LB, 5-7, 160, jr.; Chase Flaming, QB-DL, 5-9, 180, sr.; Jordan Griffin, OL, 6-2, 180, so.; Matt Regier, LB, 5-7, 180, sr.; Luke Unruh, OL-DL, 5-10, 300, sr.

Notes: Hiebert was successful in his first year as coach with six wins, but only has three over the last two seasons. Goessel struggled last year, especially down the stretch, as the team failed to win a game in district play. The eight-man squad returns eight starters in 2015 and is upperclassman heavy.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Peabody; Sept. 11, at Rural Vista (Hope); Sept. 18, Centre; Sept. 25, at Sylvan Unified; Oct. 2, Little River; Oct. 9, at Ellinwood; Oct. 16, Solomon; Oct. 23, Canton-Galva; Oct. 29, at Central Plains.

Hutchinson Trinity

Coach: Jordan Bell, second season, 8-2. 2014: 8-2. Top players: Sam Mailloux, H-DL, 6-1, 172, sr.; Jarod Schafer, OL-DL, 5-10 215, sr.; Connor Wolfe, OL-DL, 6-2 193, so.; Daniel Morales, OL-LB, 5-8 214, jr.; Adam Sattler, RB-LB, 5-11 173, jr.

Notes: Eight starters on the offensive side and nine on the defensive end graduated in 2015; now it’s up to the young players to fill those gaps. Among those graduates was QB Brenden Miller, whose spot is now up for grabs, with junior Nolan Hughes and freshman Nolan Clarke in the running for the job.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Sedgwick; Sept. 11, Marion; Sept. 18, at Inman; Sept. 25, Moundridge; Oct. 2, at Ell-Saline; Oct. 9, at Cheney; Oct. 16, Garden Plain; Oct. 23, Kingman; Oct. 29, at Halstead.


Coach: Edward Ramsey, second season, 1-8. 2014: 1-8. Top players: Matt Hrabe, C-NG, sr.; Terrell Roehl, WR-CB, sr.; Chandler Stubbs, OL-DT, sr.; Kane Timmesh, QB-S, jr.; Tyler Gordon, RB-LB, jr.

Notes: After QB Blayne Conrad left last season, it’s a toss up between Kane Timmesh and Keaton Case for the starting job under center. Ramsey said it’s going to take a lot of “heart and team work” to turn the team around and develop a “winning tradition,” as the team is expected to start a handful of first-time varsity players.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Ell-Saline; Sept. 11, at Bennington; Sept. 18, Hutchinson Trinity; Sept. 25, at Remington; Oct. 2, Moundridge; Oct. 9, at Sacred Heart; Oct. 16, Sedgwick; Oct. 23, Troy; Oct. 29, at Medicine Lodge.

Life Preparatory

Coach: Vincent Martin, third season, 9-9. 2014: 6-3. Top players: Dwane Robinson, QB-FS, 6-2, 215, sr.; AJ McDaniel, OL-DL, 5-8, 190, jr.; Ramon Hart, WR-DB, 6-0, 165, sr.; Cameron Johnson, TE-LB, 6-0, 195, jr.; Malich Barry, TE-DE, 6-1, 225, sr.

Notes: Martin, who is also the school’s athletic director, has made progress in each of his years as head coach, going 3-6 in 2013, then 6-3 last year. Martin says this team is fast and aggressive, and has been taking steps this summer to be even more successful.

Schedule: Sept. 11, BV-Randolph; Sept. 18, at Deerfield; Sept. 25, at Canton-Galva; Oct. 2, at Central Christian; Oct. 9, Tyrone (Okla.); Oct. 16, Hartford; Oct. 23, at OKC Destiny Christian.


Coach: Terry Flannigan, first season. 2014: 7-3. Top players: Justin Rayburn, TE-DL, 6-6, 270, sr.; Dylan Freund, FB-LB, 5-9, 165, sr.; Anthony Freund, QB-CB, 5-9, 155, sr.; Eli Serrer, OL-LB, 6-0, 185, so.; Clayton Moreno, OL-DE, 6-3, 275, sr.

Notes: Madison is one of the most known 8-man football programs in the state, compiling a 50-7 record over the past five years. They will look to keep that tradition alive this year under a new coach. Flannigan will bring a lot of knowledge in, as he has coached for over 30 years. The Bulldogs will look to get back to the playoffs and win their third state title in five seasons.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Spearville; Sept. 11, Uniontown; Sept. 18, at Hartford; Sept. 25, Southern Coffey County; Oct. 2, at Rural Vista; Oct. 9, Peabody-Burns; Oct. 16, at Lebo; Oct. 23, Flint Hills; Oct. 29, at Burlingame.


Coach: Grant Thierolf, 28th season, 163-96. 2014: 6-4. Top players: Mason Pedersen, WR-CB, 6-0, 153, jr.; Adam Kjellin, OL-DL, 6-7, 287, sr.; Aaron Riggs, FB-LB, 5-10, 198, jr.; Peyton Heidebrecht, SB-LB, 5-8, 189, jr.; Dylan Pippin, TE-DE, 6-1, 187, sr.

Notes: The Warriors return several starters. Thierolf hopes his team will avoid injuries, as they do not have as much depth as past years. Marion’s defense will be big and quick to the ball. They will need to rely on their running game to carry them into the playoffs.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Moundridge; Sept. 11, at Hutch Trinity; Sept. 18, at Remington; Sept. 25, Ell-Saline; Oct. 2, at Chase County; Oct. 9, Northern Heights; Oct. 16, Meade; Oct. 23, at Herington; Oct. 30, Mission Valley.


Coach: Matt Cole, first season. 2014: 2-7. Top players: Kyle Stucky, QB, 6-0, 170, sr.; Trenton Olson, OL-LB, 5-10, 260, sr.; Colton Stucky, OL-DL, 5-10, 250, sr.; Kaden Diederich, WR-DE, 6-5, 160, sr.; Joel Holloway, RB-DB, 5-9. 165, sr.

Notes: Cole comes into the program with 27 years of coaching experience. He’s got experience at all the skill positions and hope that will be enough to take them to the playoffs after missing last year.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Marion; Sept. 11, at Ell-Saline; Sept. 18, Bennington; Sept. 25, at Hutch Trinity; Oct. 2, at Inman; Oct. 9, Medicine Lodge; Oct. 16, Remington; Oct. 23, at Sacred Heart; Oct. 29, Sedgwick.


Coach: Mike Wilmott, first season. 2014: 2-7. Top players: Jacob Norris, QB-DB, 6-0, 170, sr.; Jacob Kraus, RB-DL, 5-8, 170, sr.; Jessy Kraus, RB-DB, 5-5, 125, jr.; Trent Poe, OL-DL, 6-2, 195, jr.; Logan Payne, OL-LB, 5-10, 190, jr.

Notes: The Eagles, will be under a new coach after missing the playoffs a year ago. Wilmott said players will need to get stronger and stay healthy for a run into the playoffs.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Udall; Sept. 11, at Central Christian; Sept. 18, Fairfield; Sept. 25, Moscow; Oct. 2, Pretty Prairie; Oct. 9, at South Barber; Oct. 16, South Haven; Oct. 23, Attica-Argonia; Oct. 29, at Caldwell.


Coach: Shawn Burkes, 11th season, 38-56. 2014: 4-5. Top players: Grant Smith, QB-DB, 5-10, 160, jr.; Chevis Cowdin, OL-DL, 5-10, 220, jr.; Tyler Vaughn, TE-LB, 5-9, 165, jr.; Garett Neises, OL-DL, 5-9, 225, sr.; Dalton Silhan, DE, 5-9, 175, so.

Notes: The Wildcats will have a young team, but they’ll rely on Smith to be a vocal leader. Many of the young players got quality time last year due to injuries, so Burkes hopes that will help with their knowledge and maturity of the game.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at South Haven; Sept. 11, at South Barber; Sept. 18, at Udall; Sept. 25, Flint Hills; Oct. 2, at Cedar Vale-Dexter; Oct. 9, at Central-Burden; Oct. 16, Sedan; Oct. 23, at West Elk; Oct. 29, Udall.


Coach: David Pickens, 11th season. 2014: 9-1. Top players: Brandon Entz, OL-DE, 5-10, 240, sr.; Austin Reynolds, QB-DL, 6-2, 165, jr.; Tony Adams, OL-FB-LB, 5-8, 195, jr.; Dakota Reynolds, WR-CB, 5-10, 170, sr.; Clayton Philpott, RB-LB, 5-8, 185, sr.

Notes: The Warriors have been a powerhouse under Pickens. They’ll look to get back to the playoffs after a first-round loss last year to Osborne. Pickens thinks he’ll have a fast team capable of explosive plays.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Goessel; Sept. 11, Canton-Galva; Sept. 18, at Little River; Sept. 25, Solomon; Oct. 2, Flint Hills; Oct. 9, at Madison; Oct. 16, Rural Vista; Oct. 23, Burlingame; Oct. 29, at Lebo.

Pratt Skyline

Coach: Jon Novotny, 10th season, 35-47. 2014: 8-2. Top players: Brady McComb, RB, 6-1, 190, sr.; Andrew Withers, RB-TE, 5-7, 165, jr.; Rance Tucker, RB-TE, 6-2, 145, jr.; Justin Hampel, QB, 6-3, 165, jr.; Corbin Keeling, OL, 6-2, 290, so.

Notes: The Thunderbirds are looking to build on last year’s successful season which ended in the first round of the playoffs to Little River. They’ll rely on their defense to help them get back to a second consecutive playoff trip. Look for a lot of low-scoring games.

Schedule: Sept. 4, South Barber; Sept. 11, at West Elk; Sept. 18, Pretty Prairie; Sept. 25, Attica-Argonia; Oct. 2, at Macksville; Oct. 9, Kiowa County; Oct. 16, at South Central; Oct. 23, at Kinsley; Oct. 29, at St. John-Hudson.

Pretty Prairie

Coach: C.T. Young, 14th season, 94-41. 2014: 5-4. Top players: Dylan Blair, RB-LB, 6-2, 230, sr.; Gabriel Krase, DB, 5-6, 130, sr.; Jake Loyd, OL-DL, 6-1, 235, sr.; Makish Wade, QB, 6-2, 160, sr.; Trevor Webster, E-DB, 5-11, 150, sr.

Notes: A large number of upperclassmen will be a boon to Pretty Prairie, which has missed the playoffs the last two seasons but is 53 games over .500 with Young as coach.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Stafford; Sept. 11, at Fairfield; Sept. 18, at Pratt Skyline; Sept. 25, Burrton; Oct. 2, at Norwich; Oct. 9, Caldwell; Oct. 16, at Attica-Argonia; Oct. 23, at South Barber; Oct. 29, South Haven.


Coach: Chris Lawler, 12th season, 54-49. 2014: 4-5. Top players: Blake Thunberg, QB-DB, sr.; Chance Bowen, R-DB, sr.; Bryce Kahle, OL-DL, sr.; Joey Laham, OL-DL, sr.; Joel Eck, OL-DL, sr.

Notes: Remington lost four starters and returns nine experienced seniors who have all started three years. Thunberg is the QB with Laham, Kahle and Nolan anchoring the line.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Bennington; Sept. 11, at Sedgwick; Sept. 18, Marion; Sept. 25, Inman; Oct. 2, Olpe; Oct. 9, Yates Center; Oct. 16, at Moundridge; Oct. 23, at Oswego; Oct. 29, Lyndon.


Coach: Mick Holt, sixth season, 25-20. 2014: 4-5. Top players: Hunter Cummings, RB-S, 5-7, 145, sr.; Hunter Padgett, FB-LB, 6-1, 215, jr.; Keifer Brewer, TE-DE, 6-5, 200, so.; Isaac Campbell, OL-DL, 5-11, 240, so.; Dakota Halderman, OL-DL, 6-0, 200, so.

Notes: Sedan hopes its running game is better with Cummings and Padgett.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Argonia-Attica; Sept. 11, South Haven; Sept. 18, at Marmaton Valley; Sept. 25, Pleasanton; Oct. 2, at West Elk; Oct. 9, Udall; Oct. 16, at Oxford; Oct. 23, Central-Burden; Oct. 29, at Cedar Vale.


Coach: Jeff Werner, 10th season, 65-27. 2014: 7-3. Top players: Nate Werner, WR/DB, 5-10, 155, sr.; Hunter Griffin, OL-DL, 6-1, 230, sr.; Grant Hilliard, RB-DB, 5-9, 165, sr.; Ben Murphy, OL-DE, 6-0, 190, sr.; Jordan Scarlett, K, 5-10, 160, sr.

Notes: A solid returning nucleus of experienced players returns from a playoff team. All-Class honorable mention receiver Warner returns, as do other receivers who work in the Cardinals’ spread offense. Nine players return with at least one reception. The defense returns six starters.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Hutch Trinity; Sept. 11, Remington; Sept. 18, at Ell-Saline; Sept. 25, at Bennington; Oct. 2, Sacred Heart; Oct. 9, at Phillipsburg; Oct. 16, at Inman; Oct. 23, Medicine Lodge; Oct. 29, at Moundridge.

South Barber

Coach: Matt Cantrell, first season. 2014: 3-6. Top players: Grant Cantrell, QB-LB, 5-11, 180, jr.; Kolton Pavlu, OL-DL, 5-11, 195, sr.; Tyler Martin, OL-LB, 5-9, 185, sr.; Gavin Doherty, WR-DB, 5-9, 150, jr.; Spencer Kimmell, E-LB, 5-11, 170, jr.

Notes: Six starters return on both sides, yet there are only two seniors with experience. Cantrell hopes for a much healthier year as injuries took a toll last season.

Schedule: Sept. 9, at Pratt Skyline; Sept. 11, Oxford; Sept. 18, Spearville; Oct. 2, at South Haven; Oct. 9, Norwich; Oct. 16, at Caldwell; Oct. 23, Pretty Prairie; Oct. 29, at Attica-Argonia.

South Haven

Coach: Cody Wolf, first season. 2014: 2-7. Top players: Zach Pounds, TE, 5-8, 180, sr.; Nick Ingram, FB, 5-10, 205, sr.; Trent Short, QB, 6-1, 160, sr.; Alex Nicholson, RB, 5-10, 190, sr.; Zack Bacon, TE, 5-9, 150, sr.

Notes: Team’s biggest strength is speed in the skill positions. Also good size in the backfield. Trent Short, at QB, has a pretty good arm.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Oxford; Sept. 11, at Sedan; Sept. 18, at Cedar Vale-Dexter; Sept. 25, Central-Burden; Oct. 2, South Barber; Oct. 9, Argonia-Attica; Oct. 16, at Norwich; Oct. 23, Caldwell; Oct. 29, at Pretty Prairie.


Coach: Cedric Payne, second season, 4-5. 2014: 4-5. Top players: Alex Wyatt, QB-WR-DB, 6-2, 145, so.; Jalen Smith, RB-DB, 5-10, 170, so.; Jaylen Dixon, WR-DB, 6-1, 150, sr.; Chad Armstrong, OL-DL, 5-10, 190, sr.; Tanner Brandt, OL-DL, 5-10, 180, sr.

Notes: Returning a strong experienced offensive unit should be a big plus this season. Wyatt was an all-league receiver last season.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at Independence Homeschool; Sept. 11, at St. Mary’s Academy; Sept. 18, Veritas Christian; Sept. 25, at Manhattan Homeschool; Oct. 2, Cair Paravel; Oct. 9, Heartland Christian; Oct. 16, Wichita Homeschool; Oct. 23, St. John’s Military.


Coach: Wyatt Williams, ninth season, 53-34. 2014: 10-1. Top players: Nolan Williams, QB, 6-1, 205, sr.; Dalton Loos, RB, 5-7, 165, sr.; Braydyn Wilkey, WR, 6-3, 170, sr.; Billy Barnett, OL, 5-8, 165, sr.; Dylan Loos, OL, 6-0, 215, so.

Notes: Ten seniors return and most have played since they were freshmen. Eight seniors were lost but Williams is encouraged younger players will step in well. Kistler was an All-8-Man linebacker.

Schedule: Sept. 4, Norwich; Sept. 11, at Caldwell; Sept. 18, Oxford; Sept. 25, at Little River; Oct. 2, Central-Burden; Oct. 9, at Sedan; Oct. 16, West Elk; Oct. 23, Cedar Vale-Dexter; Oct. 29, at Oxford.

West Elk

Coach: Chris Haag, 15th season. 2014: 6-3. Top players: Isaiahh Loudermilk, TE-DL, 6-7, 275, sr.; Armando Gomez, RB, 5-8, 170, sr.; Cade Miller, QB, 5-8, 150, so.; John Heinen, RB, 6-2, 190, sr.; Chase Bunyard, DE, 6-2, 230, jr.

Notes: Loudermilk is receiving major-college recruiting attention, and Gomez is another standout for the Patriots.

Schedule: Sept. 4, at St. Paul; Sept. 11, Pratt Skyline; Sept. 18, Caldwell; Sept. 25, at Lebo; Oct. 2, Sedan; Oct. 9, Cedar Vale-Dexter; Oct. 16, at Udall; Oct. 23, Oxford; Oct. 29, at Central-Burden.