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Getting to Know Andover Central’s Masen Stamp

Andover Central senior Masen Stamp is a guard on the basketball team and also plays soccer. She’s signed to play soccer at Missouri State after graduation.
Andover Central senior Masen Stamp is a guard on the basketball team and also plays soccer. She’s signed to play soccer at Missouri State after graduation. The Wichita Eagle

Masen Stamp

Andover Central basketball

Stamp, a senior point guard, utilizes her speed on fastbreaks, defense and when she’s running the offense. She is averaging 7 points for the Jaguars (2-0), who play host to rival Andover (2-0) Friday night. Stamp has signed to play soccer at Missouri State with her sister, Evan.

Friday’s game is at home with your rival Andover, what’s it like to play in that atmosphere?

“It’s definitely not like any other game. It’s like you go out on the court, and the adrenaline is pumping so much that after the first play, you’re completely out of breath. It’s just things are crazy. It’s packed. The atmosphere is so much fun to play in. It’s hard to focus. It’s very mental. The whole game is very mental. There’s definitely a lot of anxiety and adrenaline and you have to calm down.”

What should people know about you?

“I am not that serious. I’m always messing around. Some things you take seriously, and sometimes Coach (Stana) Jefferson wants us to tone it down a little bit. We’re always screaming at practice, we sing. And when people score, we scream a lot.”

While Andover beat your team last season with either a last-second shot or a late three, this isn’t a nasty rivalry, is it?

“That’s the thing about it. We’re all really good friends, and we really really want to beat each other. Obviously there’s some hate, but it’s mostly just competition.… I played with Jaylyn (Agnew), Hayley (Meisch), Riley (Messina) and Carissa (Preboth) on the same (summer) team. We separated, but we’re all friends.

“Riley, she’s one of my best friends. It’s actually really hard for me to play her. I want to smile and laugh with her. I slap her on the butt after plays. She likes playing against me, but I don’t like it.”

You seem so close with your siblings, are you?

“Family is really important. Just spending time together is so important to all of us. It’s even harder now that we’re all separated, not under the same roof. Kier (who is a year older) is playing football at William Jewell. Evan (who is two years older) is playing soccer at Missouri State. Then there’s my brother Stratton, who is a freshman.”

How much of your decision to play college soccer at Missouri State was wrapped around your desire to play with Evan again?

“That’s honestly one of the main reasons I’m going there. It was really important. It was the deciding factor because we’re so close. We’re best friends, and we’ve played together for so long. She’s a goalie and I’m the sweeper, so we’re right by each other.”

Why soccer over basketball?

“I actually quit soccer in the sixth grade.… I didn’t really love soccer. Basketball was my thing, and I spent every summer doing it. I always trained. But my freshman year, I played for Evan. I didn’t really love it, though. She told me I had to play until she graduated.

“Then I started getting good at it. I think I like it better. But it’s ‘whatever sport you are playing, you like it better.’ It was really hard to decide between the two, but she’s the reason I’m still playing.”