Varsity Kansas

2014 State basketball: seeding criteria

By Joanna ChadwickThe Wichita Eagle

When the KSHSAA does its seeding for the state tournament, there’s one area that is considered when seeding teams with the same record — head-to-head matchups. After that, it comes down to a coin flip or drawing lots.

So with 6A boys’ BV Northwest (20-2) and Wichita East (20-2), they didn’t play each other, so there was a coin flip.BV Northwest was heads (closest to the front of the alphabet), while Wichita East was tails.

BV Northwest, the defending champ, won the flip and got the No. 1 seed.

According KSHSAA assistant executive director Fran Martin, league opponents are not taken into consideration.

For instance with East, because of the flip, the Aces now have to play City League opponent Southeast in the first round. Southeast beat East to end the regular season, while East beat the Buffaloes the first time around.The City League has three boys teams in 6A, so East would not have been able to avoid a first-round league foe — North is the No. 8 seed and will play BV Northwest.

Now to the girls side of 6A. Manhattan (21-1) got the No. 1 seed based on the coin flip. So Wichita South, the defending champ and also 21-1, is the No. 2 seed and has Olathe South (20-2) as a possible semifinal opponent.

I seem to remember that years and years ago, the KSHSAA tried to avoid league matchups in the first round. But Fran Martin said that has not been the case since she took over.