Varsity Kansas

Getting to know Andover Central’s Skyler Snodgrass

The Wichita Eagle

Snodgrass, a senior, averages a team-high 13.2 points and has signed to play at Wyoming.

You played softball and soccer when you were younger, but I’m most intrigued by your football career.

“We played flag football because our parents didn’t let us play tackle. I think it was for three or four years at the Y. We took it pretty seriously. We were the only girls playing, we were an all-girls team and we played against all boys. We made some boys cry, which was awesome. Me and my friends would play catch, so why not turn it into a sport we play? It was more about fun.”

When did basketball become most important?

“I think it was probably eighth grade when I started to take it super seriously, when I decided I wanted to take it beyond high school. The recruiting process is stressful, but I think it has helped me in life in general, in communicating and exploring the world. I’ve visited 12 colleges. I’ve found the perfect one for me, but the process overall is difficult.”

How are you better because of sports?

“I feel like I’ll have a lifelong relationship with (coach) Stana (Jefferson) and my teammates. I just really think it’s about teamwork, and I think basketball is a great thing to experience. The fact that you have to work hard all the time. You have to work hard physically, and it’s a mental thing, you have to work through barriers and losses, especially. And you have to learn to jell with the people you’re with.”

You’ve had your share of injuries, haven’t you?

“Last summer I broke my thumb, and that put me out for the month of June, which was the most crucial point in my summer basketball career (for recruiting). Talk about a mental strain. That’s another thing basketball has taught me, to get over everything mentally, and then also, I hurt my back pretty bad my freshman year, and that put me out for the whole season. I had bone scans, MRIs, and they still don’t know what it is.… My junior year I had a stress reaction in my foot and had to wear a boot there for a while. It was very frustrating. This year I tore muscles in my ankle. I’m just thankful (the injuries) are all over with.”

You’re also into art, acrylics and graphite. Do you love painting and drawing?

“Art has always been an outlet. If I’m stressed about basketball, let’s go draw. I like to do scenery. I like to watch Bob Ross, you know, the ’80s guy? I watch his stuff and I try to mimic him because he’s so incredible.”