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Getting to know North’s Andre Van Es

North High soccer player Andre Van Es.
North High soccer player Andre Van Es. The Wichita Eagle



Van Es, a senior forward and co-captain, has five goals and five assists for the Redskins, who were 6-5 overall and 5-2 in City League play heading into Thursday’s match against Word of Life under first-year coach Curt Wullschleger.

New coach, new rules, new way of doing things. How’s that been for you and your teammates this season?

“You can say it’s his first year being a coach and all that but I think, to me, it seems like he’s been doing it forever. Some people can make excuses like it didn’t work out because there was a new coach, but I think the opposite. He’s worked out fine. He likes to give it to us exactly how it is about what we need to do. If we need to work on possession, that’s what we work on. If we need to work on fitness, that’s it. He’s very straightforward.”

You transferred to Northwest last year, then back to North. What’s the story behind that?

“I was living with my mom for a bit and I was just (at Northwest) for the second semester. I just missed North a lot. That’s where most of my friends are. So I went back to my dad about halfway through the summer.”

Speaking of your friends, who are you closest to on the team?

“Our co-captain, Cobi Black. He’s an outgoing guy, the guy who gets everybody enthused about what’s going on out there. We’ve also got the same goals as far as wanting to go play soccer in college. I think we started playing together in the fourth or fifth grade on a team called the Cobras.”

Have you picked a college yet?

“Not yet, but I’m taking a visit to Johnson County on Oct. 21 and I’m visiting Pratt sometime in November.”

Who was the one who started you playing soccer?

“My grandfather, Jack Van Es. He came to America from the Netherlands and went to North High and he’s the one who put me on my first team when I was 4 years old. He taught me how to play until I was old enough that I could start getting really coached. He’s still at every single game.”

Is he loud on the sideline or does he lay back?

“If I’m having a bad game I can always hear him on the sideline, which is funny because he’s the one I think about right before we play. When I’m playing good, he’s quiet. He lets me do my own thing.”