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Getting to know North golfer Salma Martinez

North golfer Salma Martinez is also a cheerleader.
North golfer Salma Martinez is also a cheerleader. The Wichita Eagle

Salma Martinez

North golf

Martinez, a sophomore golfer at North, is also a cheerleader, soccer player and in the Madrigals singing group and concert choir. As a freshman, she played cello in the orchestra.

Can you explain how you got into golf?

“It’s kind of a long story. I was at the North open house, and the golf coach said try to hit it in the net. He liked my swing. My parents persuaded me more and more before I decided to do it.… Even last year when I was playing, I didn’t know how to keep score. It was tough keeping track and then the penalties, when I could and couldn’t drop the ball.”

So your freshman year was your first playing, did you like it?

“At the beginning I liked it, but there were times I just didn’t want to be there. As I started practicing and improving my score, I started to enjoy it.”

How did you improve?

“Basically training myself and practicing everything, and just playing last year. I’m still working at it, of course. I just love competition. I like the challenge.”

You’re so busy, and everything you’re involved in is so different.

“I’m just really athletic, and I enjoy sports. I like being loud, and cheerleading has helped me become more outgoing. And, of course, soccer was something I loved throughout.”

Has golf tested a part of you that you don’t have to deal with in your other activities?

“I’ll be honest, I’m very impatient and I’ve had to slow down and concentrate more (in golf) and focus on what I was doing. It’s really different from cheer and soccer, where I can go with the flow. They’re more fast-moving than golf.”