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Getting to know: South bowler Tanner Schiesser

South High bowler Tanner Schiesser cleans a bowling ball at Seneca Bowl, where he works, Thursday. (Jan. 31, 2013)
South High bowler Tanner Schiesser cleans a bowling ball at Seneca Bowl, where he works, Thursday. (Jan. 31, 2013) The Wichita Eagle

Tanner Schiesser

South bowling

Schiesser, a senior, has a 243 average, up from 190 as a junior. He advanced to the Class 6A tournament last March after rolling a 300 during regionals. He threw his first 700 series on Jan. 15.

How did you get into bowling?

“My parents got me into it when I was about 2. I used to play baseball, but then baseball got in the way of bowling. It kind of became my hobby…. I like (bowling) because of the feelings you get when you have good games. It makes you feel good. When you have an off day, it inspires you to do better the next time and see how far you can go.”

Who’s the professional bowler you emulate?

“My favorite bowler is Norm Duke. We kind of throw the same shot. I haven’t tried watching him and tried to replicate it. … My coach has told me I throw a really consistent shot. I play around the oil mostly. He told me he would give up anything he knows about bowling to throw a shot like me. It’s very consistent.”

How sweet was it to throw a 300 in regionals last year?

“It was really exciting, and I guess, kind of emotional a little bit. It’s kind of hard to do. On a couple of my strikes, I couldn’t believe they happened. The pins just happened to fall the right way. On a couple, the pins seemed to be staying up, and they happened to fall. On one strike, one pin was still standing, and another pin that had fallen and flew back to the pit, bounced off something and came back onto the deck and knocked that pin down.”

Did you try not to think about getting that 300 game or was it difficult to miss what you were doing?

“The more you start to think about it, the more nervous you start to get. You have to stay calm, not really focus on it. That’s why I like bowling with my friends. They keep the positive attitude the whole time. They inspire you and calm you down.”

You have worked at Seneca Bowl since September. What have you picked up about bowling in that time?

“Probably the way the oil is. I spend quite a bit of time oiling the lanes, so I know when they’re completely fresh, dried out or kind of in between…. It’s really cool working there. I’ve always wanted to know what it looks like in the back. It’s an opportunity. When I’m out there bowling and something happens wrong or it messes up, I like to go back there and see how I need to fix it and see what happens when something messes up.”