Varsity Kansas

Maize South's Teri Larson resigns as volleyball coach

By Joanna Chadwick

Maize South volleyball coach Teri Larson has resigned.

Larson, whose daughter Jody, a senior, has signed with Oklahoma, also coached at Maize.

The e-mail she sent to fellow coaches and friends is below.

I wanted to let you know "straight from the horse's mouth" that I have resigned from coaching volleyball at Maize South.  I will continue to teach and coach softball, but after much thought and careful deliberation I have turned in my letter of resignation.  I missed many of my older daughters' college matches due to coaching high school volleyball, and I have decided I will not do that with my youngest daughter.  Time is too short.  Thanks for all your support, friendship, volleyball knowledge, etc.  I've loved every single minute of it!