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Getting to know: Abe Madrigal

Abe Madrigal, East High soccer player. (Sept. 26. 2012)
Abe Madrigal, East High soccer player. (Sept. 26. 2012) The Wichita Eagle

Abe Madrigal

East soccer

Madrigal is a junior center midfielder who has been a huge part of East’s turnaround this year. The Aces are 8-2 after Tuesday’s win over Kapaun Mount Carmel and Madrigal, who moved to Wichita two months ago, is leading the way with six goals and five assists.

How did you end up in Kansas?

We moved from Seattle a couple of months ago because my parents both got jobs here. I played for Chief Sealth (High School) in Seattle on the varsity for the last two years so I was worried about coming here and how I would fit in.

Were you upset about having to move?

I was upset because I didn’t know anyone. I already had my team back in Seattle and I was going to have to come out here and start all over again.

But things have turned out good, obviously. What do you think about the competition here? How have you bonded with your new team?

I’ve been impressed with the other players and the other teams, the competition is really good here. What I love about my team now is that we feel like if we play together we can beat anyone. It’s also good that we’re friendly with each other and don’t get too mad at mistakes … we support each other. Everyone has each other’s back. (East coach Dylan Gruntzel) pushes us to be better. If we make mistakes, he gets mad. He doesn’t take it.

How did you get into playing soccer? Do you have a goal for yourself and your future?

I started playing when I was about five years old, with my cousins in Mexico. Like any little kid I wasn’t very good at first but I just kept trying and I always kept getting better. I want to keep working hard and go to college to play soccer. My dream is to play professionally.