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Girls swimming: East cruises to City League championship

East girls swim coach Joe Hutchinson had two goals heading into Thursday night’s City League swim meet: place high in the relays and score more than 400 points as a team. East not only achieved both goals, it exceeded Hutchinson’s expectations.

East won all the three relays Thursday night – 200-yard medley, 200 freestyle, 400 freestyle. East then took its fourth straight City League girls swim title with 419 1/2 team points, topping Hutchinson’s 400-point goal.

“We’ve got a pretty big team,” Hutchinson said. “For the majority of this we had four scoring in every event. After we really got rolling and I saw how well we swam in the first couple of events, I thought we were in good shape.”

Aside from the relays, East swimmers placed first in two individual events. Senior Kate Spitz took the 100 yard breaststroke, and freshman Samantha King took the 200 yard individual medley with a personal best of 2 minutes, 21.91 seconds.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting that at all. I came out and my fly felt really strong,” King said. “I didn’t know that it was going so well, but knocking off five seconds and getting my best time really is because I have such an amazing coach, and it feels good.”

North’s Abbey Lassley beat East swimmers in her two individual events, helping North finish second with 185 points.

“I love swimming against the East swimmers, because I want to beat them since they’re so good,” Lassley said. “The relays are the best part, because then my team gets to come with me and enjoy that. If we beat them at something, it’s great, but East is a great team.”

One of the closest finishes Thursday came in the 100-yard backstroke, when Bishop Carroll’s Madison Hutchison beat Lassley by less than a second.

“I looked up and I saw the time, and it was a breath of relief because I wanted to break 59 (seconds),” Hutchison said. “You have to have a winner, it can’t be a tie, but it was a great race. I’m very happy for her (Lassley) too.”

Southeast’s Emily Chesser broke the City record in the 200 freestyle, finishing in 1:55.48 — .15 seconds faster than the previous record.

Chesser later finished with another personal best time in the 100 freestyle.

“I’ve never felt anything like it. I felt like all eyes were on me, it was unbelievable,” Chesser said. “I figured I would do pretty well, but two best times is always something you can be happy about.”

Team Scores—1. East 419.5, 2. North 185, 3. Bishop Carroll 179, 4. Heights 144, 5. Northwest 113, 6. Kapaun 108.5, 7. Southeast 108, 8. South 37, 9. West 8

200 Medley Relay—1. East (Tran, Spitz, Ong, Goodman) 1:56.08; 2. Bishop Carroll, 1:59.03; 3. Heights, 2:07.68; 4. Kapaun, 2:12.00. 200 Freestyle—1. Chesser, Southeast, 1:55.48; 2. K. Smith, North, 2:06.54; 3. White, East, 2:07.62; 4. Lueck, East, 2:18.31. 200 Individual Medley—1. King, East, 2:21.91; 2. Livingston, East, 2:23.98; 3. Meyer, Kapaun, 2:24.40; 4. A. Smith, North, 2:26.40. 50 Freestyle—1. Lassley, North, 24.92; 2. Goodman, East, 26.47; 3. Vu, East, 26.65; 4. Bazzelle, Northwest, 26.69. Diving—1. Freeman, Heights, 327.85; 2. Aaby, Northwest, 280.40; 3. Bazzelle, Northwest, 267.90; 4. Person, South, 138.15. 100 Butterfly—1. Hutchison, Bishop Carroll, 59.90; 2. Tran, East, 1:01.65; 3. Ong, East, 1:04.60; 4. Vu, East, 1:06.37. 100 Freestyle—1. Chesser, Southeast, 53.98; 2. Spitz, East, 56.93; 3. White, East, 58.21; 4. Goodman, East, 58.51. 500 Freestyle—1. K. Smith, North, 5:37.90; 2. Livingston, East, 5:45.59; 3. King, East, 5:52.39; 4. Lueck, East, 6:21.76. 200 Freestyle Relay—1. East (White, Spitz, Goodman, Vu) 1:45.93; 2. North, 1:46.06; 3. Northwest, 1:49.50; 4. Southeast, 1:54.45. 100 Backstroke—1. Hutchison, Bishop Carroll, 58.98; 2. Lassley, North, 59.89; 3. Tran, East, 1:03.01; 4. Ong, East, 1:08.00. 100 Breaststroke—1. Spitz, East, 1:12.62; 2. Meyer, Kapaun, 1:12.92; 3. Seiwert, Bishop Carroll, 1:15. 45; 4. Lavacek, East, 1:16.14. 400 Freestyle Relay—1. East (White, King, Vu, Tran) 3:51.70; 2. North, 3:53.62; 3. Bishop Carroll, 4:05.48; 4. Northwest, 4:07.01.