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Before Swindler could even run, his father, Corey, had him learning to dribble a soccer ball. It's a lifelong plan that looks pretty smart now. An All-State defender as a junior, Swindler has helped lead Rose Hill to a 15-3 record and a spot in today's Class 4-1A semifinals against St. James Academy. The teams square off at 7 p.m. in Winfield.

What's this season been like? How has the team's chemistry been all year?

We've been dealing with injuries all year, and we've won some games that were shocking, somewhat, and we've lost games that we're still scratching our heads about. As far as chemistry, there's things that we argue about but five or 10 minutes later we'll figure it out.

Do you think this team can do something special this postseason?

I feel like, when we're on, we can be a team that could win state for Rose Hill.

Describe your role.

I do what I have to do to win games for us. If coach (Jerry) Treat puts me up front, or wherever, that's what I'll do. I feel like if the ball's up in the air, that's what I'm really good at. Winning the ball when it's up for grabs.

What are your plans for college? Who's recruiting you?

Barton is recruiting me, and so is McPherson. I've also heard from Villanova and Akron. I've always said I've wanted to play Division I, but the main thing is that I'm doing something that could help pay for my education.

Who in your family got you started on soccer?

My dad is a die-hard soccer fan, and my mom is now even though she didn't grow up around it. (My dad) just put a soccer ball out there before I could even run... when I was just learning to walk he put it in front of me. You just looked down and there it was, that's what I remember. And he's coached my brother and sister and I for who knows how long. Since we were very little.