Varsity Kansas

You pick: College football vs. high school football

I’ve always loved the fact that college football stayed away from scheduling on Friday nights, leaving that to high school football. Of course, that’s not the case so much anymore, which I think is sad. But in this age of big TV money for college football, I get it.

I absolutely love high school football — a week from tonight, South and West open the season at Northwest High.

I love the atmosphere, the excitement that permeates an entire town for a game. I love the crowds, the hot dogs, the little girls in their cheerleading outfits, the little league football players in their jerseys, the older residents of the town who religiously come to watch.

But I love college football, too. I love Saturdays watching college football all day. I love the bowl games. I love the marching bands.

I give the edge to high school football over college football for one simple reason — the lack of crap that surrounds high school football. The cheating that seems so rampant in college is just discouraging. Either pay the players or punish those who cheat.

Which would you vote for?