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Hazing and high school sports

Hazing seems to be a topic that isn’t freely discussed. Maybe it’s because there are those who have no problem with it. Maybe it’s because there are those who are embarrassed about what they experienced/did to someone else.

So let me ask you this — does hazing have a place in high school sports?

I have no problem with hazing if it’s the freshmen having to fill the water bottles, the sophomores must carry the seniors’ bags.

Or is that even hazing?

I’ve heard awful stories, I’ve read awful stories of horrific acts done by a teammate to another, by a group of teammates to another.

A Wisconsin high school has promised it will watch locker room behavior more closely this year because of past hazing  incidents.

A 2009 incident of hazing in Beloit resulted in a year of probation.

So what do you think? Is hazing all in good fun? Is it something that should never happen?