Varsity Kansas

Should the KSHSAA add new sports?

I blogged on Monday about the state high school fishing competition, and started wondering today what sports would be beneficial — or just plain awesome — to be added.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, as well.

When bowling was added by the City League — and then by the KSHSAA — as an official sport, it was a no-brainer. The sport was a perfect addition because the proprietors were footing the bill (that’s so smart!) and the sport tapped into those kids who mostly weren’t playing other sports already.

Gymnastics only exists at a few schools in the state anymore. Which is sad. I understand — most of the top gymnasts don’t compete on high school teams, it’s expensive, finding coaches and judges isn’t easy. But what a wonderful, beautiful sport.

What if the state introduced lacrosse? Now there is a cool sport, a cross between hockey and football. I think that sport has the best chance of happening simply because of its growing popularity across the country. If it happens here, though, it will be years from now because it’s mainly on the east and west coasts. It could be a fairly expensive addition, too, because of the equipment. There are club lacrosse teams, though, so I know there’s interest.

I don’t see hockey happening as a sport. While I grew up in Minnesota, which loves its hockey, it’s different up there. Ice rinks are common — that’s not so here in Kansas.

So what sports would you like to see added?

Would you watch skate boarding? Field hockey? Raquetball? Handball?