Varsity Kansas

Goddard Eisenhower opens this fall, making Goddard a two-school town

Goddard Eisenhower opens this fall and likely will be a Class 5A school, along with Goddard High. The boundaries are strict in this district, unlike Maize, which allows students to choose what path they want to be on — going the path of 6A Maize High or 4A Maize South.

I’m curious how the split will affect sports at Goddard. I’ve already heard rumors that Eisenhower will have the majority of the top boys basketball talent.

Below are some of the coaching hires I was able to find. Remember that Goddard will follow the route of Andover and Andover Central and keep football together for a year. It’s the second year of a two-year district schedule. When Maize South opened, it played a year on its own, but it was tough to find a schedule for the Mavericks because there were no league games, no district games.

Goddard boys basketball — Kyle Taylor

Eisenhower boys basketball — Steve Blue

Eisenhower wrestling — Enrique Espinoza

Goddard bowling — John Stockstill

Eisenhower girls basketball — Joe Blasi

Eisenhower track — Stephanie Bush

Goddard baseball — Steve Sheahon

Goddard volleyball — Tish Dimick

Eisenhower volleyball — David Gardner