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2011 Track result central

Like the past three years, The Wichita Eagle and will be the place to find meet results from throughout the state. Please send complete meet results (no matter the class) to or fax them to 316.268.6536.

PDFs are the preferred method, but we'll take what we can get. Right now, we're not planning to run dual meets, but if there are three or more schools (outside of a league triangular), please send the results. We'd also like to keep the results exclusively to varsity. If there are JV heats as part of the varsity meet, we'll take the whole thing, but please indicate a meet is JV otherwise.

Throughout the season, we'll also run our Honor Roll form chart. This will be the best place to make additions or corrections to this list, so we can get the latest times and marks, as well as first names of the athletes.

If you have specific questions, please e-mail

Track honor roll (May 25)

The Eagle track honor roll lists the top three times, distances and heights, regardless of class. Then the remaining class leaders, not covered in the top three, are listed. Hand-timed results are listed to the tenth of a second, and are rounded. Fully-automatic-timed (FAT) results are listed to the hundredths.


100 meters

Joe Fisher, Valley Center (5A) 10.35

Will Livingston, SM West (6A) 10.2

Morgan Burns, Trinity Academy (4A) 10.50

2A: Damon Schurr, Osborne 10.6

3A: Michael Vincent, Lyons 10.89

1A: Osvaldo Granillo, Moscow 11.09

1A: Evan Kreger, Hodgeman County 10.9

200 meters

Joe Fisher, Valley Center (5A) 21.55

Skylarr Gatson, Wichita Heights (6A) 21.62

Adonis Saunders, Olathe North (6A) 21.70

4A: Jordan Riffel, DeSoto 21.83

2A: Drew Diederich, Salina Sacred Heart 22.1

3A: Michael Mesh, Hutchinson Trinity 22.4

1A: Jake Oates, Flinthills 22.4

400 meters

Morgan Burns, Trinity Academy (4A) 48.37

Alex Reed, Great Bend (5A) 48.59

Michel Anderson, Wichita West (5A) 48.96

6A: Victor Simmons, Olathe North 49.28

3A: Alex Niemczyk, Beloit 50.63

1A: Wyatt Slaven, South Gray 50.8

2A: Clinton Todd, Onaga; 50.9

Tanner McNutt, Humboldt

800 meters

Reid Buchanan, Manhattan (6A) 1:55.45

Tegan Michael, Topeka West (5A) 1:55.74

David Thor, Bishop Carroll (5A) 1:56.84

4A: Thad Martin, Andale 1:57.77

3A: Adam Larson, Riley County 1:59.13

2A: Cory Keehn, Jackson Heights 1:59.8

1A: Cole Gardiner, Ashland; 2:00.1

Raymundo Garcia, Moscow

1600 meters

Reid Buchanan, Manhattan (6A) 4:16.81

David Thor, Bishop Carroll (5A) 4:22.1

Aaron Thornburg, SM Northwest (6A) 4:23.77

4A: Evan Landes, Mulvane 4:25.1

2A: Cory Keehn, Jackson Heights 4:28.4

3A: Adam Larson, Riley County 4:30.09

1A: Isaac Williams, Pretty Prairie 4:33.6

3200 meters

Evan Landes, Mulvane (4A) 9:14.51

Jacob Morgan, Washburn Rural (6A) 9:29.97

Reid Buchanan, Manhattan (6A) 9:30.80

5A: David Thor, Bishop Carroll 9:33.79

2A: James Farris, Lincoln 9:52.4

3A: Joel Allen, Hillsboro 9:57.7

1A: Gunnar Hays, Northern Valley 10:12.8

110-meter hurdles

Blake Wilkey, South Haven (1A) 14.2

Seth Kotzman, SM Northwest (6A) 14.72

Josh Schirmer, Holton (4A) 14.5

2A: Tim Gallegos, Berean Academy 14.75

5A: Adam Deterding, Hays 14.86

3A: Sean Newlan, Phillipsburg; 14.9

Alex Niemczyk, Beloit

300-meter hurdles

Marquel Nickens, SM South (6A) 39.12

Trenton Hammond, Liberal (5A) 39.15

Ryan Horsch, Andale (4A) 39.65

3A: Ben Stacey, Hoisington 39.82

2A: Jason Friesen, Inman 39.7

1A: Blake Wilkey, South Haven 39.8

400-meter relay

Wichita Heights (6A) 42.11

Olathe North (6A) 42.18

SM West (6A) 42.19

5A: Topeka West 42.52

4A: Rose Hill 43.18

2A: Meade 43.5

3A: Galena 43.7

1A: St. John 44.55

1600-meter relay

SM West (6A) 3:20.40

SM Northwest (6A) 3:21.89

Hays (5A) 3:22.90

4A: Baldwin 3:26.02

1A: Moscow 3:27.2

3A: Holcomb 3:27.93

2A: Berean Academy 3:31.0

3200-meter relay

Topeka Seaman (5A) 8:02.81

Hays (5A) 8:03.55

Lawrence Free State (6A) 8:05.20

1A: Moscow 8:15.1

4A: Hugoton 8:15.50

2A: Ness City 8:20.6

3A: Scott City 8:21.92

High jump

Jerell Nightingale, Centralia (1A) 6-10

Kerry Graber, Maize South (4A) 6-9

Adam Deterding, Hays (5A) 6-8

Griffen Knopp, Fort Scott (4A) 6-8

Trevor Miller, Royal Valley (4A) 6-8

Garrison LeRock, Cimarron (2A) 6-8

Cody Heiman, Baileyville (1A) 6-8

Jake Green, Remington (3A) 6-6½

6A: Kendal Harland, Olathe South; 6-6

Torrance Henderson, Wichita North

Pole vault

Casey Bowen, Gardner-Edgerton (5A) 17-1

Ethan Pearson, Emporia (5A) 15-3

Tommy Brady, Gardner-Edgerton (5A) 15-3

Kyle Engelken, SM East (6A) 15-0

4A: Aaron Blevins, Royal Valley; 14-6

Andrew Rowland, Andale;

Jacob Albright, Louisburg

2A: Nick Beach, Bennington 14-6

1A: Brady Tien, Logan 14-6

3A: Dakota Becker, Halstead 14-0

Long jump

Jerrell Morrow, Emporia (5A) 24-0½

Skylar Hawkins, Paola (4A) 23-9½

Marcus Moeder, LaCrosse (2A) 23-1½

3A: Ty Albright, Galena 22-7¾

6A: Logan Mahan, Manhattan 22-6¾

1A: Joel Struckhoff, Thunder Ridge 22-4¼

Triple jump

Nick Betts, Goddard (6A) 47-0

Dallas Natt, Ottawa (4A) 45-6

Karson Becker, Pratt Skyline (2A) 45-4½

3A: Joseph Gerber, Conway Springs 45-3

5A: Devin Smith, Salina South 45-1

1A: Austin Herman, Northern Valley 43-3½

Shot put

Blake Hocking, Lawrence (6A) 62-9

Garrett Appier, Paola (4A) 58-5

Brian Williamson, SM East (6A) 58-2

3A: Zach Loesch, Lyons 56-4½

5A: Zach Gaughan, Hays 55-3¼

2A: Isaac Miller, Washington County 54-2¾

1A: Tyler Lambert, Clifton-Clyde 54-2¾


Jeremy Groene, Winfield (4A) 192-04

Brady Foltz, Rose Hill (4A) 173-01

Giles Fox, Ashland (1A) 170-09

6A: Zac Bendrick, SM South 168-06

3A: Brandon Koenigsman, Hutch. Trinity 167-03

2A: Jameson Klein, Plainville 164-10

5A: Zach Gaughan, Hays 156-09


Macauley Garton, Mill Valley (5A) 224-03

Tyson Holmes, Shawnee Heights (5A) 211-00

Garrett Griffin, Louisburg (4A) 207-10

6A: Garrett Cantrell, Campus 194-11

1A: Alex Linsey, Lebo 189-05

3A: Matt Seiwert, Conway Springs 187-00

2A: Dylan Reimer, Meade 184-00


100 meters

Alisha Keys, Junction City (6A) 11.52

Toni Aguiar, SM East (6A) 11.5

Taylor Chandler, Wichita Heights (6A) 11.79

5A: Aleni Zavesky, Salina Central 11.95

4A: Kristian Lee, KC Piper 11.8

1A: Stephanie Caro, Satanta 12.49

3A: Imani Fenner, Independent 12.33

2A: Morgan Flowers, Pratt Skyline; 12.3

Lauren Pickens, Peabody-Burns

200 meters

Machala Wesley, Topeka West (5A) 24.95

Alisha Keys, Junction City (6A) 25.03

Tyler Sloan, KC Sumner (4A) 25.24

2A: Paige Krahl, Bennington 25.5

3A: Imani Fenner, Wichita Independent 26.0

1A: Casey Freed, Pike Valley 26.1

400 meters

Machala Wesley, Topeka West (5A) 56.51

Lauren Pickens, Peabody-Burns (2A) 56.94

Alyxis Bowens, Derby (6A) 57.02

4A: Taylor Needham, Cheney 58.38

3A: Mandy Wilson, Rossville 58.5

1A: Kendra Zabokrtsky, Hanover 59.34

800 meters

Alli Cash, SM West (6A) 2:13.45

Hanna Jane Stradinger, SM East (6A) 2:18.85

Lacey Erickson, DeSoto (4A) 2:19.29

5A: Anna Church, Bishop Miege 2:19.74

1A: Kennedy Schneider, Greeley County 2:22.0

3A: Mackenzie Dunbar, Riverton 2:23.38

2A: Aubrey Wilson, Ell-Saline 2:25.1

1600 meters

Alli Cash, SM West (6A) 4:58.20

Amber Eichkorn, Wichita North (6A) 5:04.93

Alaina Schroeder, Manhattan (6A) 5:08.93

3A: Heather Ruder, Thomas More Prep 5:09.3

5A: Morgan Wedekind, Valley Center 5:10.80

4A: Molly Milbourn, El Dorado 5:12.79

2A: Jenna Farris, Lincoln 5:20.4

1A: Katelyn Henderson, Olpe 5:30.6

3200 meters

Molly Milbourn, El Dorado (4A) 10:59.38

Morgan Wedekind, Valley Center (5A) 11:10.84

Kaelyn Balch, Bishop Carroll (5A) 11:26.00

6A: Brenna McDannold, Olathe East 11:28.36

2A: Kaylee Engle, Chase County 11:49.4

1A: Kennedy Schneider, Greeley County 12:03.6

3A: Heather Ruder, Thomas More Prep 12:10.83

100-meter hurdles

Kasha McDougald, Junction City (6A) 13.80

LeTristan Pledger, KC Washington (5A) 13.91

Alexa Thomas-Harmon, L. Free State (6A) 14.39

4A: Hannah Tjaden, Clearwater 14.3

3A: Emily Doffing, Conway Springs 14.7

2A: Heather Melton, Kiowa County 15.0

1A: Erin Merklein, South Barber 15.55

300-meter hurdles

Alexa Thomas-Harmon, L. Free State (6A) 44.01

Kasha McDougald, Junction City (6A) 45.52

Alyson Youngdoff, BV Northwest (6A) 45.57

4A: Jill Kurtz, Chapman; 45.5

Mollie Nebel, Hesston

5A: Cassidy Downing, Shawnee Heights 45.85

1A: Erin Merklein, South Barber 46.13

2A: Morgan Fulton, Kiowa County 46.6

3A: Emily Doffing, Conway Springs 47.4

400-meter relay

Junction City (6A) 47.29

Topeka (6A) 48.45

Shawnee Heights (5A) 48.67

4A: KC Piper 49.48

2A: Bennington 50.4

3A: Phillipsburg 50.65

1A: Minneola 52.3

1600-meter relay

Olathe South (6A) 4:00.80

Baldwin (4A) 4:01.62

BV Northwest (6A) 4:02.35

5A: Shawnee Heights 4:04.42

2A: Bennington 4:09.52

3A: Marysville 4:09.09

1A: Pike Valley 4:13.09

3200-meter relay

SM West (6A) 9:39.95

SM East (6A) 9:43.38

BV Northwest (6A) 9:47.42

4A: Baldwin 9:52.7

5A: St. Thomas Aquinas 9:54.75

2A: Ellinwood 10:03.1

1A: South Central 10:04.27

3A: Marysville 10:04.54

High jump

Colleen O’Brien, Louisburg (4A) 5-9

Shanise Rice, Medicine Lodge (3A) 5-8

Ashley Shearer, Cunningham (1A) 5-8

Alexa Thomas-Harmon, Free State (6A) 5-7¼

5A: Danielle Berry, Salina South 5-6½

2A: Eileen Mick, Osborne 5-5¼

Pole vault

Cara Detmer, Bishop Carroll (5A) 12-6

Jaimie House, El Dorado (4A) 12-5½

Emily Brigham, Mill Valley (5A) 11-11¾

3A: Page Stuhlsatz, Garden Plain 11-9

6A: Kendra Martiny, SM South 11-0

1A: Melinda Davis, Bucklin; 10-6

Mikayla Skidmore, South Gray

2A: LaShae Hedstrom, Republic County 10-5

Long jump

LeTristan Pledger, KC Washington (5A) 19-7

Alyssa Kelly, BV West (6A) 19-1¾

Emily Brigham, Mill Valley (5A) 18-10

4A: Peyton Weiss, Russell 18-2

3A: Jamie Lovett, Sedgwick 17-10½

2A: Anna Petrowsky, Pratt Skyline 17-9¾

1A: Ashley Shearer, Cunningham 17-6½

Triple jump

Jalisa Brice, Gardner-Edgerton (5A) 40-3½

Alyssa Kelly, BV West (6A) 40-0¾

Sarah Kolmer, Emporia (5A) 38-9½

1A: Ashley Shearer, Cunningham 37-11¼

4A: Nicole Kinser, Hugoton 37-2

3A: Mandy Wilson, Rossville 37-1

2A: Mariah Jones, Ell-Saline 36-10½

Shot put

Megan Smith, Olathe South (6A) 50-2

Anna Linton, Thunder Ridge (1A) 46-9¾

Dani Winters, Plainville (2A) 45-3¼

4A: Cassie Caswell, Nickerson 43-9¾

3A: Marissa Cox, Central Heights 42-4½

5A: Hannah Schneider, Gardner-Edgerton 40-7¾


Megan Smith, Olathe South (6A) 145-03

Dani Winters, Plainville (2A) 139-05

Mari Jo Massanet, Manhattan (6A) 138-03

3A: Kayla Renyer, Sabetha 138-01

5A: Sadie Suenram, Salina Central 138-00

4A: Cassie Caswell, Nickerson 132-03

1A: Anna Linton, Thunder Ridge 131-04


Elizabeth Herrs, Rock Creek (3A) 150-10

Danie Plank, Gardner-Edgerton (5A) 150-00

Heidi Brown, Southwestern Heights (3A) 142-11

1A: Vanessa Kresin, Beloit St. John’s 135-04

6A: Maggie Highberger, BV West 135-00

4A: Katie Ostlund, Haven 131-06

2A: Blair Nickelson, Hill City 129-11

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