Varsity Kansas

Heights girls repeat as champs

Heights senior Juliahna Stockham admits being apart of the defending Class 6A champion Heights girls bowling team had its struggles.

Sometimes the Falcons didn't bring the intensity they needed, like the season-opening Bishop Carroll tournament and the City League meet — the only two meets Heights didn't win.

But being back again at Northrock Lanes on Friday afternoon seemed to bring back good memories for the Heights girls, as the Falcons successfully defended their title by winning with a team score of 2,458.

"I think that definitely woke us up," Stockham said of the losses. "It let us know that we still had to work for it. Teams weren't going to be like, 'Oh, we're bowling Heights so let's just give up.' We had to finish working hard to win this."

Heights was by far the most consistent on the day, which took away much suspense. The East girls, the same team that knocked off Heights at league, finished 96 pins behind the Falcons in second place. East's Alyssa Loper placed fifth with a score of 626.

Washburn Rural's Carly Schmidtlein won individual honors with a 696 score.

"It's tough enough to win one, but to win two state titles in a row is something very special and something these girls are going to remember the rest of their lives," Heights coach Jolie Plumlee said. "They'll never forget this day."

Certainly neither of the team's seniors, Stockham and Victoria Connelly, will. They both finished in the top four — Connelly in third with her 636 series, Stockham in fourth just two pins behind.

"This is so special for me," Connelly said. "To end my high school career with that, it's pretty awesome because I got to end it with a pretty huge bang."

Goddard comes up just short — The Goddard boys knew they were 98 pins down to Olathe East heading into the final game and something had to happen.

"We got together as a team and our goal was to be a power of one and we chose to be a power of one that last game and it showed," Goddard's Chris Gray said.

Goddard shot its high game of the season, 1,010 to finish with 2,774 total. But it came up short, as Olathe East won with a team score of 2,834.

Gray took second place behind Olathe East's Nikki Hurmence, as Gray shot a 279 his third game, the highlight for his 768 series.

"He bowled phenomenal," Goddard coach Brian Aldegran said. "He played the lanes correctly. He picked up his spares. He did everything he could."

It was the second straight year for Goddard to finish second place.

North had a pair in the top-10 with Ryen Ingram at fifth place and Devin Ellington following in sixth.

Washburn Rural's Trevor Baumgartner rolled a 300 game, the second in the seven-year history of the state meet.

Class 6A results

At Northrock Lanes


Team scores—-1. Wichita Heights 2,458 (Victoria Connelly 636, Juliahna Stockham 628, Kennedy Johnson 588, Kasey Anderson 576, Emerald Weaver 502, Shelby Burns 499); 2. Wichita East 2,362 (Alyssa Loper 626, Ashlyn Herzberg 564, Larissa Lawrie 552, Ashley Engram 540, Kayla Steelsmith 491, Alyssa Utz 486); 3. Garden City 2,348 (Rikkie Hemmert 664, Ashley Kells 618, Asha Nicole Han 497, Erika Motley 497, Sarah Ramsey 493, Carey Watters 451); 4. SM Northwest 2,321; 5. Dodge City 2,306; 6. Washburn Rural 2,278; 7. Olathe North 2,212; 8. Campus 2,180 (Kristen Parsons 605, Emily Dull 518, Courtney Hill 509, Katie Maley 487, Kali Mills 484, Emry Woelk 483); 9. Olathe South 1,840.

Individual results—1. Carly Schmidtlein, Washburn Rural, 210-244-242—696; 2. Rikkie Hemmert, Garden City, 224-258-182—664; 3. Victoria Connelly, W. Heights, 218-194-224—636; 4. Juliahna Stockham, W. Heights, 226-196-206—628; 5. Alyssa Loper, W. East, 137-234-255—626; 6. Ashley Kells, Garden City, 211-183-224—618; 7. Lindsay Richey, W. North, 202-214-192—608; 8. Kristen Parsons, Campus, 214-199-192—605; 9. Blaise Jensen, Dodge City, 180-223-197—600; 10. Shelby Harms, Hutchinson, 212-180-208—600; 11. Leela Yahya, Maize, 213-197-181—591; 12. Kennedy Johnson, Heights, 177-224-187—588; 13. Abby Baker, SM West, 193-194-200—587; 14. Erica Faulkenberry, Olathe North, 160-213-206—579; 15. Kasey Anderson, W. Heights, 204-149-223—576; 16. Hope Wooton, SM Northwest, 220-171-179—570; 17. Cassandra Queral, SM Northwest, 214-188-168—570; 18. Amber Reesman, Southeast, 149-198-222—569; 19. Rebecca Wood, Olathe Northwest, 217-143-209—569; 20. Brittany Ball, Olathe South, 180-178-211—569.


Team scores—1. Olathe East 2,834 (Nikki Hurmence 786, Aaron Yuratovich 688; Justin Thomas 665, Brian Perkins 641, Jon Epps 572, Zach Brachtenbach 539); 2. Goddard 2,774 (Christopher Gray 768, Tyler Maxwell 656, Jared Crum 650, Drew Belanger 646, Kelvin Burgett 595, Zach Bohanan 585); 3. Olathe North 2,738 (Travis Sixta 671, Louie Newport 664, Rhett Imel 651, Logan Hoskins 624, Hunter Redmond 616, Kenneth Kent 576); 4. Washburn Rural 2,640; 5. Junction City 2,637; 6. Derby 2,531 (Trevor Knuth 668, Jaden Fraizer 609, Devin Boswell 583, Austin Lusk 569, Matthew Hurst 564, Will Parmelee 531); 7. Maize 2,531 (Dustin Hufner 657, Derek Brewer 625, Andrew Beevers 575, Spencer Logan 559, Jordan Allan 557, Clayton Latimer 548); 8. Olathe South 2,480; 9. Garden City 2,479.

Individual results—1. Nikki Hurmence, Olathe East, 259-259-268—786; 2. Christopher Gray, Goddard, 241-248-279—768; 3. Justin Walthall, Lawrence Free State, 205-266-254—725; 4. Trevor Baumgartner, Washburn Rural, 210-300-213—723; 5. Ryen Ingram, W. North, 264-219-236—719; 6. Devin Ellington, W. North 225-188-289—719; 7. Austin Boerger, Manhattan, 245-238-209—692; 8. Derek Lehman, Hutchinson, 241-223-226—690; 9. Aaron Yuratovich, Olathe East, 162-248-278—688; 10. Jessy Bauer, Junction City, 258-208-222—688; 11. Ty Marah, SM North, 203-248-236—687; 12. Christopher Boydston, Manhattan, 246-191-245—682; 13. Nickolas Jackson, Junction City, 212-247-214—273; 14. Travis Sixta, Olathe North, 234-22-215—671; 15. Trevor Knuth, Derby, 234-217-217—668; 16. Justin Thomas, Olathe East, 217-239-209—665; 17. Louie Newport, Olathe North, 253-184-227—664; 18. Wesley Pederson, Campus, 219-256-188—663; 19. Dustin Hufner, Maize, 224-234-199—657; 20. Tyler Maxwell, Goddard, 199-212-245—656.