Varsity Kansas

The top talent of the 2000s

Here it is, the end of 2010 looming and the beginning of 2011 right here. Amazing, isn’t it? It wasn’t all that long ago everyone was so concerned about Y2K and we were looking back at the talent of the 1900s.

So let’s look at the top talent of  the 2000s so far. Definitely add your thoughts and reasons!

I’m actually on vacation, so I don’t have the kind of access I’d like to go through the previous decades and look at all the studs that have come through. But maybe I can spark some discussion with what I can pull out off the top of my head.

In football, it’s pretty easy for me to say that the two best athletes out of the Wichita area in football have been Blake Bell and Bryce Brown. Two of the most exciting players I’ve seen in my career.

In girls basketball, there’s been so many — Shekeira Copeland and Savannah Ellis, Taylor McIntosh, Joanna McFarland, Lindsey Keller, Tiffany Bias.

In boys basketball, Jordan Cyphers, Taj Gray, Brandon Polk, Perry Ellis, Joe Mitchell, Dupree Lucas, Garrius Hollimon, Georgio Phillips, Adonis Gantt.

In swimming, Caroline Bruce blew me away.

This clearly is an abbreviated list. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on these players, athletes in other sports, who we’ve missed, who obviously has to be on this list.

There’s a lot of talent in the area and we are truly fortunate to live in such a sports hotbed. So who do you remember as a stud?