Varsity Kansas

Augusta Orioles


Coach David Stephenson

28-37 in three seasons


G Connor Carman 6-0 Sr.

F Travis Erwin 6-4 Sr.

F Tyrone Richmond 6-2 Sr.

G Brandt Patterson 5-8 Jr.

F Alex Clausing 6-1 Jr.


Augusta (15-7, 6-4 AV-CTL III) will rely heavily on its starters, which could be a good or a bad thing. Those players are being counted on to show improvement, especially Richmond, Patterson and Clausing, who move from the bench into starting roles.

If they do, Augusta’s lack of depth may not hurt the Orioles so much. But if those players’ performance doesn’t rise with their minutes, Augusta’s short bench could turn into a problem.

The Orioles know what they’re getting from Carman and Erwin. Carman established himself as a strong perimeter shooter last season, but Stephenson said Carman has worked to improve his scoring ability from close range, too. Erwin is the Orioles’ most physical player, and his rebounding skills will be much needed, as will his ability to score from the blocks.


Coach Brad Kohlman

11-33 in two seasons


G Krysten Crawford 5-11 Sr.

F Christina Downs 5-8 Jr.

G Taylor Williams 5-4 Jr.


F Becca Carr 5-10 Jr.

G Jennifer Burkett 5-7 Sr.

F Taylor Childers 5-9 So.

F Kalie Robinson 5-5 So.

F Maddie Becker 5-7 So.


The Orioles (2-19, 1-9 AV-CTL III) are Crawford’s team. That title comes with several perks, like getting to take the last shot with the game on the line or motivating the team in the huddle and the locker room. But there is pressure attached, making it much of Crawford’s responsbility to bring Augusta out of the bottom of the standings.

Crawford has shown she deserves the benefits that come with being a team leader. She rarely slumps, scoring in double figures 14 times last season. During a stretch in January and February, she scored at least 14 points in six straight games, topping out with a season-high 24. She also led the Orioles in rebounding.

She needs help, though. Downs and Williams could provide it, as they combined to average 13.6 points. It might serve the Orioles well to become more balanced offensively — they took nearly 10 three-pointers per game last season but shot them at a 25-percent clip.

— Jeffrey Lutz



3—Hesston; 10—at Andale; 14—Winfield; 17—at Buhler.


4—El Dorado; 7—at Mulvane; 11—Rose Hill; 14—Circle; 18—at Collegiate (girls); 18-22—Baldwin tournament (boys); 25—at Collegiate (boys); 27-29—Circle tournament (girls).


1—Maize South; 4—at Wellington; 8—Abilene; 11—at Winfield; 15—Buhler; 18—Mulvane; 22—at El Dorado; 24—at Rose Hill.