Varsity Kansas

South Titans


Coach Demarcco Owens

First season


G Duwayne Kelly 5-9 Jr.

G Matthew Perkins 5-10 Sr.

F Deonti Craig 6-4 Sr.

F Alex Keiswetter 6-5 Jr.


G Diallao Wesley 5-8 Jr.


Every year, South has been athletic. That hasn’t been the problem. Discipline has been, and that’s what Owens is looking to change.

Another change Owens brings is his willingness to revolve the offense from the post. Craig and Keiswetter should be major parts of the offense this year. “All my offense is going through my big men,” he said. “They’re aggressive and they try to put the ball in the hole every time.”

Whether or not the Titans can keep teams from doing that will be the team’s biggest question. But Owens seems confident in his team’s defense entering the season. “This is a man’s game, so we’re going to play man. We’re going to get right up into your gut and play hard man-to-man defense,” he said.


Coach Ryan Becker

12-30 in two seasons


F Zoe Clark 6-1 Sr.

F Jesse Molina 6-1 Jr.


G Shakora McKendrick 5-7 Jr.

G Mariah Love 5-6 Jr.

G Jayda Kitchen 5-7 So.


On paper, South only has two players returning to this year’s team with varsity experience. But don’t tell Becker his team is inexperienced. “Coaches say that when they don’t know what they’re talking about,” he said. “These kids have experience and know how to play basketball.”

But he concedes playing it at the varsity level will be different. Clark and Molina are the two returners and should help carry the load early, while South works through its youthful options. “This is my hardest-working group I’ve had yet,” Becker said.

Becker isn’t sure what identity the team will take on. It’s a work in progress with a team filled with plenty of youth, and not much size outside of Clark and Molina. “We’re still working on what kind of offensive and what kind of defensive team we want to be,” he said.

— Taylor Eldridge



3—Carroll; 7—at East; 10—North; 17—Southeast.


4—at Kapaun; 8—Northwest; 11—at Carroll; 14—at Heights; 18—West (girls); 20-22—Pratt tournament (boys); 25—West (boys); 27-29—Pratt tournament (girls).


1—East; 4—at Northwest; 8—at Southeast; 15—at North; 18—Kapaun; 22—Heights; 24—at West.