Varsity Kansas

Small-class football (9-20)

The big Wichita-area game of the week has to be Conway Springs at Garden Plain. I’ve got Garden Plain as Class 3A’s top-ranked team, while Conway Springs is third.

Should I have those reversed? Why or why not?

3A continues to be such a difficult class across the board. I’m wishing I had Collegiate ranked at 3-0, but there’s no place to fit the Spartans. I guess they’ll keep using me as motivation, huh?

I bumped Oswego up into the top 5 in Class 2-1A after Ell-Saline fell to 1-2.

In 8-Man I, top-ranked Pretty Prairie plays at South Barber, a 3-0 8-Man II team. Think it will be a good one?

What are some of the other top teams to watch for in the smaller classes? What are some big matchups that we need to watch for?