Varsity Kansas

Bring on Kansas football

The last two days of working on nothing but football preview stuff has got me in the football state of mind. I actually look forward to the NFL preseason. I want to see how my Houston Cougars will do this year (they will be in the Top 10 by mid-season). I’m also interested to see what high school football is like outside of the state of Texas. I’ve been there all of my life and it is pretty much a religion. The plays are big and the stadiums are even bigger (Berry Center where my old High School Cy Falls plays at).

Now I’m personally a basketball guy, but I’ll admit there’s nothing like the atmosphere of at Katy Tigers football game. So I’m interested to see what Kansas football is like: what the atmosphere is like, how big the hits are, how fast the players are, what the bands are like, how big the stadiums are and if they get packed.

I’m looking forward to it.