Varsity Kansas

You pick: Play multiple sports or specialize?

This is one of my favorite topics because there’s so many good points on both side of the discussion. I personally prefer multiple sports because I think it helps in not getting burned out and I believe that it works different aspects of an athlete physically and mentally (especially because of the experience with different coaches).

There’s some outstanding multiple sport athletes in the Wichita area right now, who are your favorites?

Just to name a few:

Tiffany Bias at Andover Central was one of my favorites. She played three sports until her senior year, when she still had two sports but got hurt in track. Blake Bell at Carroll played basketball and football, up through graduation. Joseph Randle at Southeast played football, basketball and track all three seasons. These are high-profile athletes, and I think it benefited them.

Heights’ Evan Wessel and Dreamius Smith, both were three sport athletes in football, basketball and track.

Kapaun’s Michael Reynolds plays football, basketball and baseball.

Maize’s Derek Lee plays football and basketball.

Andover Central’s Boston Stiverson plays football and basketball.

Goddard’s Shelby Zoglman plays volleyball and basketball.

Valley Center’s Emily Otte plays volleyball, basketball and softball.

Circle’s Jordan Phillips played three sports through his sophomore season, but still plays football and basketball.