Varsity Kansas

VK Open discussion (7-8)

I love the discussion from VK Open discussion (7-7) going on right now. It’s deciding who is the face of each high school. I’d like to see area fans get in the mix, too. We have a pretty good list for the City League schools, but what about for the AV-CTL? What about for the Central Kansas League, the Central Plains League? SCBL? Where ever you are, you can certainly let us know who would be the face of your school.

Some are easy — Centralia has to be John Riggins. What are some other schools?

For today’s discussion, I’d like to know your over-under on when we get a full day of sunshine this summer. I’m guessing a week.

Any other topics on your mind? Want to update us on any team? Want to discuss why the heck LeBron feels the need to have an hour-long special on where he’s signing? Is it because he didn’t get the college signing experience? Any ideas on where he goes? Or are you as sick of the topic as I am?