Varsity Kansas

VK Open discussion (4-30)

We’ve got some good events tonight that, if you’re free, I’d check out. Northwest and Bishop Carroll play baseball, while Maize and Goddard play baseball and softball. What a night to have so many great matchups. Could be the best night of the spring.

So I was at my oldest son’s Field Day today, and I have to admit that it was so much fun. There were great games that they could play and all of them had a blast. My son would have stayed on the basketball court the whole time, but he did actually hit all the different events. But it brought back memories of my own Field Day when I was in kindergarten. My grandma has a picture of me doing the long jump. Folks, I must have jumped at least 2 inches. It’s hilarious.

Feel free to share your own memories or talk about whatever else is on your mind. Maybe you want to talk about the AAU basketball that will be at KU this weekend. Sounds like it’s a great lineup. Feel free to update if you want.