Varsity Kansas

Four-day work week could affect summer sports

The Wichita school district has proposed changing the work week during the summer months to four 10-hour days, with complete shutdowns at all schools (except those with summer latchkey). That would mean no one would be allowed in the gyms or on the football fields and tennis fields.

And that would affect summer workouts. Camps would only be able to be 4 days instead of the customary five days.

It would begin the week of June 7 and end July 19, so teams could get their five-day camps in before June 7.

It also would affect weight-lifting and conditioning programs through the summer.

So here’s my question to you, is this a big deal? For coaches, I’d say it is. The worry is always what another program is doing, how the public schools in Wichita would fall behind say, a Derby or a Maize or Goddard.

But are other schools in the programs considering doing this? Budget cuts are imminent and this would save nearly $43,000. Is it worth it? Should coaches be upset?