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Getting to know Corbin Mihelic

Getting to know

Corbin Mihelic

Andover golf

Mihelic finished second at the Class 4A tournament last year. He's been in a slump lately but hopes he can break out of it before the state tournament rolls around. He also has a passion for sports journalism, which has led him to take a major role in his school newspaper.

You got second in the 4A championship last year. How are you feeling about your chances this year?

"I haven't really started this season off very well. We're moving up to 5A and that's going to be quite a challenge. It is by far the toughest classification. A lot of the best players play in 5A. I think at the 5A tournament last year nine guys shot under par. That's really impressive. I'm not going to put a number on what I'm getting at state. Obviously I'd love to win it, but you can't really go into an 18-hole round expecting to win, because it's just whoever has the best day."

Why did you decide to get into journalism?

"I started getting into journalism when I started watching sports when I was younger because I liked reading the paper and reading the recaps of the games. I started taking it as a freshman, and now I'm the sports editor of our newspaper. You actually caught me on a weird day.... I did like four interviews earlier today, and it's kind of weird being on the other end of it."

Where do you want to go to college?

"I'm probably thinking KU over Missouri. I originally wanted to go to Colorado, but they're really not as big into journalism as those other schools. I loved KU, and I'm really excited to go to school there if I end up going."

Are you going to try to play golf there, too?

"You know I think I'm honestly not good enough to play golf there. I'm not really sure if I want to play golf in college really at all just because I'm so into that journalism stuff. I want that to be my career and I love it.... My goal is to one day join ESPN some how, some way and cover college football. I think that would be awesome. My parents have been great with it. They're really helping me out in choosing schools and go through my options."

What's fun outside of golf and journalism for you?

"Golf is a great hobby. It's a great thing to play. I like competing, and just for like leisure, it's football. Watching football is awesome. I can't wait until the fall. It's a good thing to keep me in high spirits going back to school. I don't really like school very much, and going into football season keeps me happy and keeps me looking forward to something each Saturday."