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You rank the team's

Here’s the deal. I want to hear what you guys think about the baseball teams around here. Give me a list of the Top 10 teams (including the City League and area). It doesn’t matter which class the team is in. From a talent, coaching and depth standpoint, which teams are the best. Also add a brief blurb as to why you put your teams in that order. I will post my rankings on Saturday night.

If you have a chance, be sure to check out Northwest (9-0) vs Kapaun (8-2) at 4:30 p.m. at Westurban. It will be Northwest’s (9-0) first test since beating Goddard.

I also have received the 6A and 2-1A rankings from the Kansas Baseball Coaches Association thanks to coaches Tom Campa(6A) and Mike Watt (2-1A). The rest of the classes have been slow in turning in their stuff. So…have at it.

Baseball Coaches Association 6A RANKINGS

1.        Blue Valley

2.       Wichita Northwest

3.       Lawrence Free State

4.       Maize

5.       Manhattan

6.       Shawnee Mission Northwest

7.       Shawnee Mission West

8.       Blue Valley Northwest

9.       Goddard

10.   Olathe Northwest

Baseball Coaches Association 2-1A RANKINGS

St.Mary's Colgan            7-0Sedan                            10-0Valley Falls                    8-0Chase County                    6-0Salina Sacred Heart           7-1Ell Saline                             7-1Eillis                                        6-0Spearville                             6-0Minneola                             7-1Sublette                   5-1