Varsity Kansas

VK Open discussion (4-19)

I got a call over the weekend from a reader regarding my story that ran Saturday on possible cutbacks and a proposal that would cut out postseason events for two years and cut all activities by 20 percent.

I’m curious about your thoughts and how athletics should be dealt with as these cuts get closer to coming.

Back to this caller, he said that one of the problems was girls sports. That girls sports drag down all the other sports.

No need to say how important I believe sports are for all genders and all races and all those who come from poor, middle class or rich backgrounds.

But his point amused me in that he said cut those sports that aren’t well-attended. He was specifically talking about girls spots. But if that’s the thinking, then you might as well cut every sport except football and basketball, whether it’s boys or girls. Because no other sport even gets close to drawing the same number of fans. Not one.

Not boys soccer or girls soccer. Not baseball or softball. Not track. Not girls or boys swimming or tennis or golf.

Anyone else have an opinion?