Varsity Kansas

VK Open discussion (4-12)

So what’s on your mind today? Feel free to take this discussion where you want it.

For what it’s worth, here’s what’s on my mind.

Covering the Pre-State track meet at WSU on Friday was enjoyable, as always. Lots of good people out there, and the weather, outside of the ridiculous wind, was nice.

Two of my recent favorite athletes were there — Burrton’s Alex Santiago, who was an All-State basketball and All-Metro selection, and Hutchinson’s Josh Smith, a Top 11 player.

I teased Santiago that I thought he only did basketball. He said, that’s true. His focus is still basketball.

Then there’s Josh Smith. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a more polite person, ever. And I’ve met a lot of nice folks. But Smith is something special. He’s out for track, only to get himself better prepared for football. It’s probably good that he’s just using track — because this isn’t his sport. There’s no doubt that he’s much faster on the football field.

We all know that football speed and track speed aren’t always the same.

Smith is heading to KU as a preferred walk-on. I would expect KU will want to sign him. The kid can straight up play — he’s tough, he’s fast, he’s smart.