Varsity Kansas

Goddard ready to bounce back

As I walked up to the Goddard baseball field and noticed that nobody was in the stands for the team’s doubleheader against Campus, it hit me that something was definitely wrong. Dazed and confused, I looked for any sign of the game I had blogged about earlier during the day.

“Oh…this isn’t good,” I said. Well at least that’s the G Rated version. I’m sure anyone that can read a a schedule correctly already knew that there would between Goddard and Campus.

Luckily my trip down Kellogg wasn’t a total waste. I got a chance to talk to the Lions head coach Tom Campa, about Tuesday’s game against a balanced 3-3 Campus squad. His team has had a long time to think about its 14-5 loss to Northwest last Tuesday, and he’s noticed an increase in intensity on the practice field.

“We’ve kind of stepped it up a notch,” Campa said. “It normally takes a couple of running drills to get that fire back, but I think we understand what we need to do.”

Campa knows his team’s have been considered highly ranked in the area and the state over the last few years. He said after last week his guys know they have to compete hard every time in order to be considered the best.